[qutebrowser] Migrating qutebrowser mailinglists to a new provider

Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Mon Mar 28 14:01:45 CEST 2022


While it's been somewhat quiet on the qutebrowser mailinglists (with
most people preferring IRC, Reddit or GitHub Discussions nowadays), they
still see occasional usage, and there are a lot of subscribers on the
announcement mailinglist.

A couple of months ago, the current provider hosting those lists
(Schokokeks[1]) announced that they will stop offering Mailman hosting
at the end of 2022. The provider I'm using for most of my mail needs
nowadays (Uberspace[2]) would rather not host such big mailinglists.

Thankfully, I've found a provider which still offers hosted
mailinglists: JPBerlin[3]. They are part of Heinlein, probably best
known for running mailbox.org.

Thus, I decided to get an account there, and everything seems to run
fine after a bit of testing. The next step is to actually move over the
mailinglist, which will happen over the next couple of days. Here is
what I plan to do:

- After this mail, setting the mailinglists to moderated, to prevent any
  new mails
- Ask the old provider for a backup of the mailinglist archives
- Ask the new provider to import those archives
- Port all settings and subscriber lists over to the new list
- Change the DNS records to point to the new lists
- Remove the moderation flags and send another announcement mail once
  everything is done
- Delete the old mailinglists once everything seems alright
- If possible, ask the old provider to add a redirect for old links to
  the archive

From your perspective, not much should change (other than those mails
coming from a different server, and list options/archive/etc. being on a
different URL). There are three caveats, however:

1) You won't be able to send mails here for the next couple of days
(depending on how much time the providers need for the import/export,
that's out of my control).

2) If you (un)subscribe just as I copy over the subscribers, that change
might be lost. Unlikely to happen however.

3) If you happen do have an adress on the mailinglist which bounced off,
it will be subscribed again. This is because many subscribers bounced
off due to mailinglist mails wrongly being detected as spam. If you
resubscribed with a new mail adress since then, you might get mails
twice. You will need to manually unsubscribe one of the two, once the
migration is done.

[1] https://schokokeks.org/ (German only)
[2] https://uberspace.de/en/
[3] https://www.jpberlin.de/ (German only)

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me directly. If you
reply to the list, your answer will likely be caught in the moderation
and you will need to resend it once the migration is over.


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