[qutebrowser] pdf.js problem

Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Tue Jul 13 16:11:37 CEST 2021


On Tue, Jul 13, 2021 at 01:00:41PM +0000, A via qutebrowser wrote:
> I have a problem using pdf.js with my custom config.py. With default
> config.py it works fine but I cannot figure out the settings which
> disable pdf.js functionality. I tried to allow all things disabled in
> custom config.py for pdfjs but it doesn't work. Please see the
> attached files, one shows the differences in the config files, the
> other shows the differences in the debug output. Both times I opened
> the same pdf-URL.

From a quick test, it looks like it's

Note that here:

> with config.pattern('*://pdfjs/*') as p:
>     c.content.autoplay = True
>     c.content.canvas_reading = True
>     c.content.webrtc_ip_handling_policy = 'all-interfaces'
>     c.content.cookies.accept = 'all'
>     c.content.dns_prefetch = False
>     c.content.headers.referer = 'same-domain'
>     c.content.local_content_can_access_file_urls = True
>     c.content.local_content_can_access_remote_urls = True
>     c.content.plugins = True
>     c.content.webgl = True
>     p.content.cache.appcache = True
>     p.content.javascript.enabled = True
>     p.content.local_storage = True
>     c.content.javascript.can_access_clipboard = True
>     p.content.persistent_storage = True

You set most of your settings on 'c' (the global config object, which
gets overwritten again below) rather than 'p' (the scoped object for

However this should work properly even without that setting, I opened an
issue to track this: https://github.com/qutebrowser/qutebrowser/issues/6594


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