[qutebrowser] qutebrowser v1.14.0 released

Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Thu Oct 15 15:24:55 CEST 2020


It's been a while since the last feature release (v1.13.0 was in June),
so it was more than time for another qutebrowser release!

Nothing too spectacular in there, but a variety of smaller changes,
improvements and fixes. Notably, there's now a long requested ":undo
--window" ('U') as well as completion for the :undo, :back and :forward

Other than v1.14.x releases and a possible small v1.15.0 with a Qt
upgrade (which includes a newer Chromium), the next "real" release is
planned to be v2.0.0 with various breaking changes:

Here's the full changelog for v1.14.0:


Note: The QtWebEngine version bundled with the Windows/macOS
releases is still based on Qt 5.15.0 (like with qutebrowser v1.12.0 and
v1.13.0) rather than Qt 5.15.1 because of a
https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-86752[Qt bug] causing
frequent renderer process crashes. When Qt 5.15.2 is released
(planned for November 3rd, 2020), a qutebrowser v1.14.x patch
release with an updated QtWebEngine will be released.

Furthermore, this release still only contains partial session support for QtWebEngine
5.15. It's still recommended to run against Qt 5.15 due to the security patches
contained in it -- for most users, the added workarounds seem to work out fine. A
rewritten session support will be part of qutebrowser v2.0.0, tentatively planned for the
end of the year or early 2021.


- The `content.media_capture` setting got split up into three more fine-grained
  settings, `content.media.audio_capture`, `.video_capture` and
  `.audio_video_capture`. Before this change, answering "always" to a prompt
  about e.g. audio capturing would set the `content.media_capture` setting,
  which would also allow the same website to capture video on a future visit.
  Now every prompt will set the appropriate setting, though existing
  `content.media_capture` settings in `autoconfig.yml` will be migrated to set
  all three settings. To review/change previously granted permissions, use
  `:config-diff` and e.g.
  `:config-unset -u example.org content.media.video_capture`.
- The main window's (invisible) background color is now set to transparent.
  This allows using the alpha channel in statusbar/tabbar colors to get a
  partially transparent qutebrowser window on a setup which supports doing so.
- If QtWebEngine is compiled with PipeWire support and libpipewire is
  installed, qutebrowser will now support screen sharing on Wayland. Note that
  QtWebEngine 5.15.1 is needed.
- When `:undo` is used with a count, it now reopens the count-th to last tab
  instead of the last one. The depth can instead be passed as an argument,
  which is also completed.
- The default `completion.timestamp_format` now also shows the time.
- `:back` and `:forward` now take an optional index which is completed using
  the current tab's history.
- The time a website in a tab was visited is now saved/restored in sessions.
- When attempting to download a file to a location for which there's already a
  still-running download, a confirmation prompt is now displayed.
- `:completion-item-focus` now understands `next-page` and `prev-page` with
  corresponding `<PgDown>` / `<PgUp>` default bindings.
- When the last private window is closed, all private browsing data is now cleared.
- When `config.source(...)` is used with a `--config-py` argument given,
  qutebrowser used to search relative files in the config basedir, leading to them
  not being found when using a shared `config.py` for different basedirs. Instead,
  they are now searched relative to the given `config.py` file.
- `navigate prev` (`[[`) and `navigate next` (`]]`) now recognize links with
  `nav-prev` and `nav-next` classes, such as those used by the Hugo static site
- When `tabs.favicons` is disabled but `tabs.tabs_are_windows` is set, the
  window icon is still set to the page's favicon now.
- The `--asciidoc` argument to `src2asciidoc.py` and `build_release.py` now
  only takes the path to `asciidoc.py`, using the current Python interpreter by
  default. To configure the Python interpreter as well, use
  `--asciidoc-python path/to/python --asciidoc path/to/asciidoc.py`
  instead of the former
  `--asciidoc path/to/python path/to/asciidoc.py`.
- Dark mode (`colors.webpage.darkmode.*`) is now supported with Qt 5.15.2 (which
  is not released yet).
- The default for the darkmode `policy.images` setting is now set to `smart`
  which fixes issues with e.g. formulas on Wikipedia.
- The `readability-js` userscript now adds some CSS to improve the reader mode
  styling in various scenarios:
  * Images are now shrinked to the page width, similarly to what Firefox' reader
    mode does.
  * Some images ore now displayed as block (rather than inline) which is what
    Firefox' reader mode does as well.
  * Blockquotes are now styled more distinctively, again based on the Firefox
    reader mode.
  * Code blocks are now easier to distinguish from text and tables have visible
    cell margins.
- The `readability-js` userscript now supports hint userscript mode.


- New argument `strip` for `:navigate` which removes queries and
  fragments from the current URL.
- `:undo` now has a new `-w` / `--window` argument, which can be used to
  restore closed windows (rather than tabs). This is bound to `U` by default.
- `:jseval` can now take `javascript:...` URLs via a new `--url` flag.
- New replacement `{aligned_index}` for `tabs.title.format` and `format_pinned`
  which behaves like `{index}`, but space-pads the index based on the total
  numbers of tabs. This can be used to get aligned tab texts with vertical
- New command `:devtools-focus` (bound to `wIf`) to toggle keyboard focus
  between the devtools and web page.
- The `--target` argument to qutebrowser now understands a new `private-window`
  value, which can be used to open a private window in an existing instance
  from the commandline.
- The `:download-open` command now has a new `--dir` flag, which can be used to
  open the directory containing the downloaded file. An entry to do the same
  was also added to the context menu.
- Messages are now wrapped when they are too long to be displayed on a single line.
- New possible `--debug-flag` values:
  * `wait-renderer-process` waits for a `SIGUSR1` in the renderer process so a
    debugger can be attached.
  * `avoid-chromium-init` allows using `--version` without needing a working


- A URL pattern with a `*.` host was considered valid and matched all hosts.
  Due to keybindings like `tsH` toggling scripts for `*://*.{url:host}/*`,
  invoking them on pages without a host (e.g. `about:blank`) could result in
  accidentally allowing/blocking JavaScript for all pages. Such patterns are
  now considered invalid, with existing patterns being automatically removed
  from `autoconfig.yml`.
- When `scrolling.bar` was set to `overlay` (the default), qutebrowser would
  internally override any `enable-features=...` flags passed via `qt.args` or
  `--qt-flag`. It now correctly combines existing `enable-feature` flags with
  internal ones.
- Elements with an inherited `contenteditable` attribute now trigger insert
  mode and get hints assigned correctly.
- When checkmarks, radio buttons and some other elements are styled via the
  Bootstrap CSS framework, they now get hints correctly.
- When the session file isn't writable when qutebrowser exits, an error is now
  logged instead of crashing.
- When using `-m` with the `qute-lastpass` userscript, it accidentally matched
  URLs containing the match as substring. This is now fixed.
- When a filename is derived from a page's title, it's now shortened to the
  maximum filename length permitted by the filesystem.
- `:enter-mode register` crashed since v1.13.0, it now displays an error
- With the QtWebKit backend, webpage resources loading certain invalid URLs
  could cause a crash, which is now fixed.
- When `:config-edit` is used but no `config.py` exists yet, the file is now
  created (and watched for changes properly) before spawning the external
- When hint mode was entered from outside normal mode, the status bar was empty
  instead of displaying the proper text. This is now fixed.
- When entering different modes too quickly (e.g. pressing `fV`), the statusbar
  could end up in a confusing state. This is now fixed.
- When qutebrowser quits, running downloads are now cancelled properly.
- The site-specific quirk for `web.whatsapp.com` has been updated to work after recent
  changes in WhatsApp.
- Highlighting in the completion now works properly when UTF-16 surrogate pairs (such as
  emoji) are involved.
- When a windowed inspector is clicked, insert mode now isn't entered anymore.
- When `:undo` is used to re-open a tab, but `tabs.tabs_are_windows` was set between
  closing and undoing the close, qutebrowser crashed. This is now fixed.
- With QtWebEngine 5.15.0, setting the darkmode image policy to `smart` leads to
  renderer process crashes. The offending setting value is now ignored with a
- Fixes for the `qute-pass` userscript:
  * With newer `gopass` versions, a deprecation notice was copied as
    password due to `qute-pass` using it in a deprecated way.
  * The `--password-store` argument didn't actually set
    `PASSWORD_STORE_DIR` for `pass`, resulting in `qute-pass` finding matches but the
    underlying `pass` not finding matching passwords.


Enjoy, and as always, let me know if something seems broken :)


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       https://bruhin.software/ | https://github.com/sponsors/The-Compiler/
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