[qutebrowser] Web MIDI support ?

John Lane john at lane.uk.net
Tue Nov 24 14:08:49 CET 2020

Does anyone know if/how one can get "web midi" working in Qutebrowser
(or any browser, for that matter!).

I've had a bit of success doing so in Firefox but it doesn't work in my
Chrom(ium) or Qutebrowser (where I'd really like it to work). And I am
talking about support on Linux here.

What I'm talking about here is web midi
<https://www.midi.org/17-the-mma/99-web-midi> which allows connected
hardware, such as a keyboard, to be used with a web application such as
an online piano <https://pianu.com/>. I found a test page for web midi

Despite many web sites claiming to just "plug in and play", I've yet to
see this "just work" anywhere, even on Windows.

In case it's useful, the success in Firefox was due to a plugin named
MIDI Input Provider
by Manuel Reimer. As well as the plugin there is a "native" app (a Perl
script) - see its GitHub page

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