[qutebrowser] qutebrowser v1.9.0 released!

Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Wed Jan 8 17:24:56 CET 2020


I just released qutebrowser v1.9.0! The main reason for the release is getting
the user agent workarounds for pages like Google Accounts and WhatsApp Web out:

There are also various other changes (thanks to all the contributors
involved!), see the changelog below for details.

Note the Windows/macOS binaries still ship Qt 5.12 LTS due to bugs in Qt 5.13
and qutebrowser still needing to adjust some stuff for Qt 5.14.

Hopefully, there will be a (rather small) v1.10.0 soon-ish, which updates those
binaries to Qt 5.14 - stay tuned!



- Initial support for Qt 5.14.
- New `content.site_specific_quirks` setting which enables workarounds for
  websites with broken user agent parsing (enabled by default, see the "Fixed"
  section for fixed websites).
- New `qt.force_platformtheme` setting to force Qt to use a given platform
- New `tabs.tooltips` setting which can be used to disable hover tooltips for
- New settings to configure the appearance of context menus:
  - `fonts.contextmenu`
  - `colors.contextmenu.menu.bg`
  - `colors.contextmenu.menu.fg`
  - `colors.contextmenu.selected.bg`
  - `colors.contextmenu.selected.fg`


- The macOS binaries now require macOS 10.13 High Sierra or newer. Support for
  macOS 10.12 Sierra has been dropped.
- The `content.headers.user_agent` setting now is a format string with the
  default value resembling the behavior of it being set to null before.
  This slightly changes the sent user agent for QtWebKit: Instead of mentioning
  qutebrowser and its version it now mentions the Qt version.
- The `qute-pass` userscript now has a new `--extra-url-suffixes` (`-s`)
  argument which passes extra URL suffixes to the tldextract library.
- A stack is now used for `:tab-focus last` rather than just saving one tab.
  Additionally, `:tab-focus` now understands `stack-prev` and `stack-next`
  arguments to traverse that stack.
- `:hint` now has a new `right-click` target which allows right-clicking
  elements via hints.
- The Terminus font has been removed from the default monospace fonts since it
  caused trouble with HighDPI setups. To get it back, add either
  `"xos4 Terminus"` or `Terminus` (depending on fontconfig version) to the
  beginning of the `fonts.monospace` setting.
- As a workaround for a Qt bug causing a segfault, desktop sharing is now
  automatically rejected on Qt versions before 5.13.2. Note that screen sharing
  still won't work on Linux before Qt 5.14.
- Comment lines in quickmarks/bookmarks files are now ignored. However, note that
  qutebrowser will overwrite those files if bookmark/quickmark commands are used.
- Reopening PDF.js pages from e.g. a session file will now re-download and
  display those PDFs.
- Improved behavior when using `:open-download` in a sandboxed environment (KDE
- qutebrowser now enables the new PyQt exit scheme, which should result in
  things being cleaned up more properly (e.g. cookies being saved even without
  a timeout) on PyQt 5.13.1 and newer.
- The `:spawn` command has a new `-m` / `--output-messages` argument which
  shows qutebrowser messages based on a command's standard output/error.
- Improved insert mode detection for some CodeMirror usages (e.g. in
  JupyterLab and Jupyter Notebook).
- If JavaScript is disabled globally, `file://*` now doesn't automatically have
  it enabled anymore. Run `:set -u file://* content.javascript.enabled true` to
  restore the previous behavior.
- Settings with URL patterns can now be used to affect the behavior of the
  QtWebEngine inspector. Note that the underlying URL is `chrome-devtools://*`
  from Qt 5.11 to Qt 5.13, but `devtools://*` with Qt 5.14.
- Improvements when `tabs.tabs_are_windows` is set:
  * Using `:tab-take` and `:tab-give` now shows an error, as the effect of
    doing so would be equal to `:tab-clone`.
  * The `:buffer` completion doesn't show any window sections anymore, only a
    flat list of tabs.
- Improved parsing in some corner cases for the `QtFont` type (used for
  `fonts.tabs` and `fonts.debug_console`).
- Performance improvements for the following areas:
  * Adding settings with URL patterns
  * Matching of settings using URL patterns


- Downloads (e.g. via `:download`) now see the same user agent header as
  webpages, which fixes cases where overly restrictive servers/WAFs closed the
  connection before.
- `dictcli.py` now works correctly on Windows again.
- The logic for `:restart` has been revisited, which should fix issues with
  relative basedirs.
- Remaining issues related to Python 3.8 are now fixed (mostly warnings,
  especially on QtWebKit).
- Workaround for a Qt bug where a page never finishes loading with a
  non-overridable TLS error (e.g. due to HSTS).
- The `qute://configdiff` page now doesn't show built-in settings (e.g.
  javascript being enabled for `qute://` and `chrome://` pages) anymore.
- The `qute-lastpass` userscript now stops prompting for passwords when
  cancelling the password input.
- The tab hover text now shows ampersands (&) correctly.
- With QtWebEngine and Qt >= 5.11, the inspector now shows its icons correctly
  even if loading of images is disabled via the `content.images` setting.
- Entering a very long string (over 50k characters) in the completion used to
  crash, now it shows an error message instead.
- Various improvements for URL/searchengine detection:
  - Strings with a dot but with characters not allowed in a URL (e.g. an
    underscore) are now not treated as URL anymore.
  - Strings like "5/8" are now not treated as IP anymore.
  - URLs with an explicit scheme and a space (%20) are correctly treated as
  - Mail addresses are now treated as search terms.
  - With `url.open_base_url` set, searching for a search engine name now works.
  - `url.open_base_url = True` together with `url.auto_search = 'never'` is now
    handled correctly.
  - Fixed crash when a search engine URL turns out to be invalid.
- New "site specific quirks", which work around some broken websites:
  - WhatsApp Web
  - Google Accounts
  - Slack (with older QtWebEngine versions)
  - Dell.com support pages (with Qt 5.7)
  - Google Docs (fixes broken IME/compose key)

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