[qutebrowser] Feature request: Alternative to c.tabs.show_switching_delay

Martin blackmailingferret at gmail.com
Sat Jan 4 23:17:51 CET 2020


for the feature
"c.tabs.show = 'switching'"
one can set
"c.tabs.show_switching_delay = 1200"
in order to control, how long the tab bar is shown.

Since the tabs are switched with shift+j or shift+k, I think a better
solution would be to show the tabs as long as the shift key is held
down, after pressing shift+j.

>From a user perspective, this seems very natural behavior to me, and it
is least annoying, since:
Sometimes I want to see the tabs for a long time (searching a long list)
Sometimes I want the tabs to disappear asap.

What do you think?

Best regards and thanks for the great browser,

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