[qutebrowser] qutebrowser v1.8.{0,1} released!

Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Fri Sep 27 14:10:50 CEST 2019


I'm happy to announce that I released qutebrowser v1.8.0!

Unfortunately, the Windows/macOS releases originally bundled a combination of
Qt 5.13 versions which I thought were stable, but they weren't.

I pulled the Windows/macOS releases for v1.8.0 shortly afterwards and after
some more testing, uploaded v1.8.1 bundling Qt 5.12 instead.

If you downloaded a Windows/macOS release of v1.8.0 before it was pulled,
please update to v1.8.1. There were no other changes in v1.8.1.

Here's the full (combined) changelog:


- New userscripts:
  * `readability-js` which uses Mozilla's node.js readability library.
  * `qute-bitwarden` which integrates the Bitwarden CLI.


- Updated dependencies for Windows/macOS releases:
  * macOS and Windows releases now ship with Qt/QtWebEngine 5.12.5. Those
    are based on Chromium 69.0.3497.128 with security fixes up to Chromium
  * Qt 5.13 couldn't be used yet due to various bugs in Qt 5.13.0 and .1.
- The statusbar text for passthrough mode now shows all configured bindings to
  leave the mode, not only one.
- When `:config-source` is used with a relative filename, the file is now
  searched in the config directory instead of the current working directory.
- HTML5 inputs with date/time types now enter insert mode when selected.
- `dictcli.py` now shows where dictionaries are installed to and complains when
  running it as root if doing so would result in a wrong installation path.
- The Makefile now can also run `setup.py build` when invoked without a target.
- Changes to userscripts:
  * qute-pass: Don't run `pass` if only a username is requested.
  * qute-pass: Support private domains like `myrouter.local`.
  * readability: Improved CSS styling.
- Performance improvements in various areas:
  * Loading config files
  * Typing without any completion matches
  * General keyboard handling
  * Scrolling
- `:version` now shows details about the loaded autoconfig.yml/config.py.
- Hosts are now additionally looked up including their ports in netrc files.
- With Qt 5.10 or newer, qutebrowser now doesn't force software rendering with
  Nouveau drivers anymore. However, QtWebEngine/Chromium still do so.
- The XSS Auditor is now disabled by default (`content.xss_auditing` =
  `false`). This reflects a similar change in Chromium, see their XSS Auditor
  Design Document for details:


- `:config-write-py` now correctly writes `config.unbind(...)` lines (instead
  of `config.bind(..., None)`) when unbinding a default keybinding.
- Prevent repeat keyup events for JavaScript when a key is held down.
- The Makefile now rebuilds the manpage correctly.
- `~/.config/qutebrowser/blocked-hosts` can now also contain /etc/hosts-like
  lines, not just simple hostnames.
- Restored compatibility with Jinja2 2.8 (e.g. used on Debian Stretch or Ubuntu
  16.04 LTS).
- Fixed implicit type conversion warning with Python 3.8.
- The desktop file now sets `StartupWMClass` correctly, so the qutebrowser icon
  is no longer shown twice in the Gnome dock when pinned.
- Bindings involving keys which need the AltGr key now work properly.
- Fixed crash (caused by a Qt bug) when typing characters above the Unicode BMP
  (such as certain emoji or CJK characters).
- `dictcli.py` now works properly again.
- Shift can now be used while typing hint keystrings, which e.g. allows typing
  number hints on French keyboards.
- With rapid hinting in number mode, backspace now edits the filter text after
  following a hint.
- A certain type of error ("locking protocol") while initializing sqlite now
  isn't handled as crash anymore.
- Crash when showing a permission request in certain scenarios.


- At least Python 3.5.2 is now required to run qutebrowser, support for 3.5.0
  and 3.5.1 was dropped.



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