[qutebrowser] Binding to do nothing Right-Click key (the key between right "AltGr" and right "Ctrl"

Jose townoo6 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 22 14:24:10 CEST 2019

Hi everybody

I spent the hole morning trying to have that done but I have failed.

Let me explain in more detail my problem. I use i3 gaps and have mapped the
Right-Click key, called to Mod4 I believe,  to be my "mod" key. So I press
that key a lot, one example is for moving between different desktops spaces
I press "mod+number". But when I use qutebrowser every time I press that
key appears a menu showing the usual options offered when pressing a
mouse's right button, and then I can not use my i3 binding. The most
annoying things is that I can not make disappear that menu pressing Escape
I have to manually click somewhere to make it disappear.

After browsing the help menu I added the line:

config.bind('<Mod4>', nop')

to my config.py file but it does not work.
I tried to find an option related with right-click button but I failed
again. I have seen a couple of threads online but again I did not find my
answer.  In the end I had a look to the key binding cheatsheet and the
space assigned to that key is empty, so I deduced that that key should not
be mapped at all.
And here I am, sorry for bothering anybody with a such a silly question.

Thanks in advance.

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