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Hey ayy ayy,

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On Mon, Nov 18, 2019 at 08:48:01PM +0000, ayy ayy wrote:
> - Wanting to play flash games
> - Open a flash game, knowing I have flash
> - 'Couldn't load plug-in.'
> - Read your FAQ, then installed spesifically PPAPI flash.
> - Reload site and 'Couldn't load plug-in'
> - Double check content.plugins = true
> - Same error
> I dont know what to do now. I love this browser but if flash dosent work
> then I'm afraid I wont use it.

With that little information (and e.g. no version numbers), I can only guess.

My best guess would be that you're on Qt 5.13 and seeing this issue:

Looks like there's a fix in the works for Qt 5.14 - until then, it looks like
you can add 'enable-pepper-testing' to the qt.args setting as a workaround.

I'm not sure about the security implications of that, though (but flash is a
security nightmare either way). You might want to only enable content.plugins
to true for a specific URL pattern rather than globally.


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