[qutebrowser] Some questions

Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Mon Dec 30 17:49:47 CET 2019

Hey Andre(w|as),

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On Mon, Dec 30, 2019 at 12:03:55PM +0100, Andreas Hofer wrote:
> 1. Is this a bug?
> ":help open:" throws "blocked through an extension" (may jblock?)

That shows "Invalid help topic open:!" for me, which is what I expect.

Do you mean ":help :open"?

Do you actually run the :help command like that, or are you in fact clicking on
some link to qute://help somewhere?

Have you tried without jblock?

> 2. Slower startup after doing some configuration
> There is a percentage status after start qutebrowser, while loading the
> startpage.
> Something wrong with my config.py? Any suggestions for better performance?

What do you mean with "There is a percentage status after start qutebrowser"?

What qutebrowser version are you running?
Also, have you tried without jblock? ;-)

> 3.I've read that this might increase the performance to use
> c.bindings.default = {}.
> Is that true?

Where did you read so?

Probably not significantly. Certainly not if you end up re-adding all the
bindings anyways. qutebrowser without any bindings seems pretty useless to me.

Something that does increase startup performance a bit is setting
c.bindings.commands instead of using config.bind, but with only a handful of
bindings, that shouldn't make a big difference.

> 4. Is it possible to open the startpage to a new tab and directly change to
> insert-mode?
> (see my keybinding for 't' in normal mode)

You can chain commands with ";;", but by default, qutebrowser leaves insert
mode when a page finished loading. You can disable that via
input.insert_mode.leave_on_load, but that'll mean you'll stay in insert mode
after e.g. pressing enter on DuckDuckGo.

You could do something like this:

open -t https://start.duckduckgo.com ;; later 1000 enter-mode insert

But the timeout to use really depends on the loading time of the website.


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