[qutebrowser] qutebrowser refuses to start after switching from archlinux to artix linux

Uli qbu at fluxnetz.de
Thu Aug 29 21:05:08 CEST 2019

Hi Florian,

Florian Bruhin schrieb am Donnerstag, den 29.08.2019 um 20:55:
> On Thu, Aug 29, 2019 at 08:37:30PM +0200, Uli wrote:
> > # pacman -Qo /usr/bin/qutebrowser 
> > /usr/bin/qutebrowser is owned by qutebrowser 0.5.0-1
> qutebrowser 0.5.0 is ancient (January 2016). The current version packaged for
> Archlinux is v1.7.0.
> Florian

Ahhrgh you are right. I did not notice this. Sorry. I had mixed up the sequence of the repositories
in the /etc/pacman.conf - there was an own repo where i had build a old Version of qutebrowser myself and i
did not put that after the official arch repos. Now i have qutebrowser 1.7.0 and its running again! Great!

Thanks all for your Help. :-)

And thank you for this great browser!


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