[qutebrowser] text editing in the latest WordPress

Stephen Davies stephen at umw.edu
Fri Aug 9 18:39:40 CEST 2019

    Does anyone use qutebrowser to edit a WordPress site?

    I've been on an old WordPress version for a while, and it has always worked
fine for editing posts: I could turn off WYSIWYG by choosing WordPress's "text
editor" instead of "code editor", enabling me to edit the HTML; then, doing
qute's "open-editor" function on the text box gave me a terminal window with
vim, in which I could edit my post, save, then publish it, badda-boom.

    Today I upgraded to the new WordPress, and the funniest thing is happening:
I do exactly the procedure described above, and when I save from vim, it *does*
visually update the WordPress text editor window with my content. However, when
I then tell WordPress to publish the thing, the new content isn't on the blog.
I've discovered if I subsequently copy my (changed) text from the WP text
editor window and repaste this content right back on top of it, *then* publish,
it works. But this is weird (and that's a sucky workaround).

    Any idea why this might be happening? Sure is odd.

- Stephen Davies, Ph.D.
  (stephen at umw.edu)

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