[qutebrowser] Disable Resource Cashe

Christian Helbling Christian.Helbling at localsearch.ch
Tue Apr 2 17:06:45 CEST 2019

On 02.04.19 14:44, Daniil Pintjuk wrote:
> Hi to whomever has the time to help, I am trying to use qutebrowser for webdevelopment. And i really need to disable the cashing of javascript and css files.
> I attempted to set content.cashe.applicationcashe=false.
> It does not seem to do the trick.
> hope you have any ideas.
> Best regards! Daniil Pintjuk

Hi Daniil

If its just for the page you are currently working on:
:inspector, click on Network and then Disable cache (checkbox in top row)


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