[qutebrowser] Save PDF file opened with pdfjs

Valentin Iovene tgy at inria.fr
Fri Nov 9 10:57:04 CET 2018

Hey, thanks for you quick reply.

On 09.11.2018 10:42, Florian Bruhin wrote:
> You can instead disable content.pdfjs and hit Ctrl-P
> (:prompt-open-download --pdfjs) in the download prompt.

Is there a way I can make a keyboard shortcut that
  1. disables pdfjs
  2. download the file in ~/Downloads without asking
  3. re-enables pdfjs?

Or maybe I'll just wait for Qt 5.12!

> In a qutebrowser-download-... directory in your OS' temporary
> directory.  Don't remember where that was on macOS, but you can do
> :debug-console and this:
>   from qutebrowser.browser import downloads
>   downloads.temp_download_manager.get_tmpdir().name

This gave me


No wonder I couldn't find it haha!!

Thanks Florian :)


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