[qutebrowser] Save PDF file opened with pdfjs

Valentin Iovene tgy at inria.fr
Fri Nov 9 10:35:59 CET 2018


I'm using pdf.js to open PDF files directly in qutebrowser.
My ~/.qutebrowser/config.py thus contains this line to enable it:

  c.content.pdfjs = True

Sometimes I however want to save the PDF. There is a Download button
embedded in pdf.js (top right corner) but it doesn't do anything when I
click it. Maybe this is a bug?

My qute://version

  qutebrowser v1.5.1
  Git commit: c7a21b37e-dirty (2018-10-10 08:23:17 +0200)
  Backend: QtWebEngine (Chromium 65.0.3325.230)

  CPython: 3.7.0
  Qt: 5.11.2
  PyQt: 5.11.3

  Style: QMacStyle
  Platform: Darwin-18.0.0-x86_64-i386-64bit, 64bit
  Frozen: True
  Imported from /Applications/qutebrowser.app/Contents/MacOS/qutebrowser
  Using Python from /Applications/qutebrowser.app/Contents/MacOS/qutebrowser
  Qt library executable path: /Applications/qutebrowser.app/Contents/MacOS/PyQt5/Qt/libexec, data path: /Applications/qutebrowser.app/Contents/MacOS/PyQt5/Qt
  OS Version: 10.14, x86_64

My current process is to disable pdfjs, download the PDF by re-opening
the initial PDF URL, re-enabling pdfjs. But this is cumbersome.

Also, where are temporary PDF files located? This could be an
alternative solution to just cp the PDF from a terminal.

Thanks for your help,


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