[qutebrowser] Extend ad blocking to allow single URL blocking.

Viacheslav Chimishuk vchimishuk at yandex.ru
Sun Nov 4 18:16:45 CET 2018

> > I propose to treat `~` prefix as a substring instead of domain
> > name. For example, next file parses to substrings list.
> Again, use URL patterns. I will not accept any contributions inventing
> yet another URL format, no matter how simple. Let's be consistent with
> what the rest of qutebrowser uses. With URL patterns, I think they
> should even be backwards-compatible with the "one host per line" format.

I guess implementing Chrome's URL patter syntax here can be harder to
implement. Ok, I'll try to implement it the way you proposed.

Simple domain name is not compatible with pattern syntax -- it
requires scheme and path parts. In this case we need to treat foo.com
as *://foo.com/*

> > > Note that I'm busy with university work on qutebrowser at least until
> > > christmas, so my time to look at PRs is quite limited currently:
> > > https://lists.schokokeks.org/pipermail/qutebrowser-announce/2018-September/000051.html
> > > https://lists.schokokeks.org/pipermail/qutebrowser-announce/2018-October/000053.html
> >
> > Yeah... Maybe other people can help you with that and accept PRs? :) I
> > can see Jay Kamat is very active in the project. In this case QB can
> > progress and grow faster.
> That's already the case, but it won't change that there'll be conflicts
> when I'm refactoring things (like moving the adblocker to a plugin)
> while people are contributing stuff. I won't be able to accommodate for
> that.

I thought that adblock will be moved outside the core later, after
plugins support will be finished. Like you introduce plugin support
and after extract existing core parts (which you want to be a plugin)
one by one.

Best regards, Viacheslav Chimishuk
vchimishuk at yandex.ru
Ukraine, Khmelnitsky

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