[qutebrowser] Happy birthday, qutebrowser!

Michael Keyes mgkeyes at vigovproductions.net
Fri Dec 14 23:50:49 CET 2018

Happy Birthday qutebrowser, you just keep getting better!

On 14.12.18 08:38, Florian Bruhin wrote:
> Heya!
> 5 years ago today, this happened:
>   commit 11a94957dc038fc27c5ff976197ad2b2d0352d20
>   Author: Florian Bruhin <git at the-compiler.org>
>   Date:   Sat Dec 14 22:15:16 2013 +0100
>       Initial commit
> That's how qutebrowser looked a day after that (and that commit still
> seems to run!): https://imgur.com/a/xoG1r4G
> Exactly a year later, things were finally ready for a v0.1 release,
> after spending two weeks of holidays with fixing bugs.
> Originally, qutebrowser was born because the dwb project was
> discontinued: https://portix.bitbucket.io/dwb/
> That's what I (and many others) were using at the time, and all
> alternatives were stuck with an unmaintained WebKit1. Since everything
> was using WebKitGTK which was horribly buggy (and WebKit2 in WebKitGTK
> lacked a lot of basic features), I decided to start my own thing, based
> on Qt instead.
> Back then, there were already discussions about QtWebEngine, and I
> originally wondered whether I should just wait with starting qutebrowser
> until it's ready. QtWebEngine support was finally added in July 2016, a
> lot later than I imagined. Initially, many features didn't work yet, but
> in September 2017 it finally became the default backend.
> Later, it turned out that qutebrowser also was a viable alternative for
> many Pentadactyl/Vimperator refugees, and qutebrowser got more popular
> than I ever imagined.
> So far, there have been:
> - 17,227 commits
> -  3,193 issues
> -  1,273 pull requests
> -    242 contributors
> -     47 releases
> -      2 crowdfundings
> - dozens of t-shirts
> - thousands of stickers
> Thanks a lot to the whole community - y'all are awesome! I never
> imagined I would be working on this for so long, or that it'd gain so
> much traction. I also didn't believe the crowdfunding thing would work.
> You showed me otherwise \o/
> Some 3-4 years ago, I noticed there were a couple of big things I'll be
> busy with for a while:
> - Adding a testsuite because things broke a lot
> - QtWebEngine
> - The new config system
> - An extension API
> I'm currently working on the fourth one. Not many new very big tasks
> have appeared (except maybe a testsuite which isn't as unreliable and
> slow, and some refactorings to keep my sanity when working on the code).
> I'm really looking forward to the point where I can work on smaller
> things (and new features) again - for a long time, most of my time was
> spent reviewing contributions, fixing bugs, putting out fires with Qt
> upgrades, and working on those four major things.
> Florian


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