[qutebrowser] spaces in URLs

Trevor Robertson trevor.robertson55 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 24 07:49:03 CET 2017

Hi thank you so much for replying ... I missed this on the landing page you
mention, my mistake.
Works great now!

On 23 November 2017 at 21:34, Stephen Davies (sdavies) <sdavies at umw.edu>

>     Trevor's question leads to one from me.
>     When I highlight and paste a long URL into Firefox, it seems to
> helpfully
> trim out any internal whitespace (like linebreaks/spaces introduced into
> the
> URL by long lines in my email reader. I use mutt btw.) qutebrowser does
> not do
> this, and therefore when I copy/paste a long URL (like the one Florian
> gave,
> below) into the ":open" command, I get a 404. The only way I know to fix
> it is
> to scrutinize the URL by hand and surgically remove each space, or else to
> use
> FF again instead of qutebrowser for the moment.
>     Could qutebrowser be made easily to emulate FF's behavior here?
> - Stephen Davies, Ph.D.
>   (stephen at umw.edu)
> > See https://secure-web.cisco.com/1Qi7KvIXuDtUCAloc3SHdg4s1HxCB7
> DjOPbK0pOiA-AqNINNSo_Ga8bCPaisHjDA9UGTvmMvNemmyj3qE-
> eZQrHRjL3q2I1cl6d3d78kQgh8YbWCAKfBbJ3_3nInYZQd-
> CL0hZMgrWCay7RMZVZYcvf5kh5iijuYYPHXzyvt7kz52StU6eBdtnLhHZsiu
> 7C8zuR0pItg30jA39_7lQsACuZE0QsKoAU1-Jmk_Cj3upYo4WZrPxhJ4qQ6reodpBNwmKQ
> hzr717zOSW8vx0vIDlpKDLcsJhMP-s6FUIrmGU--BuXJWtbqmDRqYvv_
> ZK1tzICdKHEaTSNgmP-e8KwXN5FQ/https%3A%2F%2Fgithub.com%
> 2Fqutebrowser%2Fqutebrowser%2Fblob%2Fmaster%2Fdoc%2Fhelp%
> 2Fconfiguring.asciidoc#migrating-older-configurations
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