[qutebrowser] [Tip / Hack] Don't know where to post this personal tip... (DroidVim + qutebrowser)

Maurício Habert m2habert at gmail.com
Tue Jun 13 06:30:58 CEST 2017

Hi there,

I think I stumbled on pretty pretty pretty great thing and would like to
share with the qB user community... although I don't know exactly where.
(I've tried to register in the ArchLinux forum page, which is well attended
by enthusiasts, but I'm not really a Linux user, so I've failed the date -u
+%V$(uname)|sha256sum|sed 's/\W//g' test... haha).

I don't know if gitHub has a place for this sort of thing... ¿Maybe
somebody could point me in the right direction?

Maybe this is no big thing for the github user (which I'm definetly not),
but I think it might be very pleasing for the average user, provided he
uses an Android phone:

 Here is my tip : there is this Vim porting to Android called "DroidVim"
that works really well. Its author also provided a handy integration with
Dropbox. And, since qutebrowser follows the concept of storing both its
sessions and bookmarks as text files, a very neat and "Vimphilic" auto sync
connection can be stablished :

    qutebrowser  ><  Dropbox  ><  DroidVim

 ... all you got to do is create symlinks of desired qb's folders at Dropbox

 Obviously, the "vim-on-your" phone is not a prerequisite, by all means.
But, really, vim is the greatest for interacting with this clunky type of
data files, SPECIALLY on a phone (which gets even more evident by the
clumsy nature of Android's copy-&-paste interface).

 For starters, all you got to do is type "/htt" and start jumping form and
to every url on the file.

And the very best (which I've just found out recently): although Netrw's
<gx> does not work out-of-the-box, all you got to do is add the following
to your vimrc:

    let g:netrw_browsex_viewer = "am start --user 0 -a
android.intent.action.VIEW -t text/html -d "

and it works like a charm! (which is to say: gx opens any url in your
chosen local phone browser)

So, that's it, that is my tip. Vim in both ends of your digital stick...
with gx speedly opening anything you had previously left saved at

Hope this can be helpful to somebody... Thanks.
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