[qutebrowser] The road to qutebrowser v1.0

Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Fri Jul 21 15:03:39 CEST 2017


I've been asked by various people about what's up with qutebrowser for
the next few months, so I thought I'd write a quick announcement about

Plans until September

First of all: I'm mostly going to be busy with exams until September.
Because of that and the big changes outlined below, I'd like to ask
contributors to wait with working on new features until then. I'll still
review PRs with bugfixes, but anything non-trivial with new features
will be postponed, and you'll need to resolve conflicts because of the
new config.

master branch and new completion

Ryan Corre has been working on a new, faster, sqlite based completion
for the past year or so, and this work is finally ready now. We're
waiting for the (hopefully final) test run to pass, and then that will
be merged to master.

This means various things:

- If you run `master`, your history will be backed up, and converted to
- You'll need to install the QtSql module and sqlite plugin (depending
  on your distribution).
- `master` is now for v1.0 material, and will see more disruptive
  changes (i.e. a big config break) in September. If you don't want to
  be our guinea pig, switch to the latest release, v0.11.0.

New config

As mentioned in my last post on https://blog.qutebrowser.org/ the new
config isn't complete enough to merge yet. I'll finish and merge it in
September, though. At that point, all config files will break (sorry).

(Did I already mention you shouldn't be running the git master anymore
if you don't want to be our guinea pig?)

v1.0 release

There's some more work to do for v1.0 (like making QtWebEngine the

The current tentative release date for v1.0 is December 14th - exactly
four years after the first commit, and three years after the first


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