[qutebrowser] xvfb/opengl error running tests

Ryan Roden-Corrent ryan at rcorre.net
Mon Sep 26 02:30:54 CEST 2016

Related question: how can I pass CLI args to the test process?

One workaround I've found is to set --qt-name=qutebrowser-test and add a window
manager rule that puts all "qutebrowser-test" windows on an unused workspace.
However, I just hacked this into _default_args because I wasn't sure how to pass
an arg as a CLI argument.


On Sun 09/25/16 07:26PM, Ryan Roden-Corrent wrote:
> Tests are failing on my machine due to the following warning:
>     QtWarningMsg: QXcbIntegration: Cannot create platform OpenGL context,
>     neither GLX nor EGL are enabled
> This only happens on my desktop with an Nvidia card, my laptop with integrated
> graphics is fine. Has anyone else seen this? Is there a way to make the tests
> ignore a particular warning?
> It works fine if I don't use xvfb, but that gets kind of annoying.
> -Ryan

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