List of Currently Opened Tabs?

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* Stefan Tatschner <rumpelsepp at> [2016-01-29 10:28:51 +0100]:
> I often have a lot of tabs open in qutebrowser. So I am looking for a
> solution to deal better with a lot of tabs. I have come to the idea that
> some dmenu/rofi userscript would be fine.

IMHO ideally this would be integrated into qutebrowser's completion,
see this issue:

Unfortunately I'm working on stuff which is higher priority right now,
probably for some more months (tests, QtWebEngine, per domain
settings, plugins).

I'm still hoping someone will contribute that one ;)

> That script should get a list of all currently opened tabs, pipe it into
> dmenu/rofi and finally send some "please change to tab number soandso"
> command to qutebrowser.
> I have not yet found a qutebrowser command to get a list of all opened
> tabs. Am I missing something?

There isn't. You'd typically do this via an userscript, and there's
currently no way for an userscript to request more information (or get
"answers" to commands it sends).

qutebrowser could expose this information to userscripts via an
environment variable, e.g. some $QUTE_TABS variable set to something

0 0 url title of first tab in first window
0 1 url title of second tab in first window

The problem with that approach is that it might be too much data for
an environment variable, so maybe $QUTE_TABS would need to be a
filename of a temporary file, like $QUTE_HTML and $QUTE_TEXT is.

Then again I'm not sure how much it makes sense to shoehorn all
possible usecases into somewhat fragile userscripts. I'd rather see
plugins written in Python (or possibly JS at some later point), but it
might still take a while until that's ready.


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