Gmail bug?

Florian Bruhin me at
Tue Jan 19 16:13:32 CET 2016

* Abraham Baker <z1693060 at> [2016-01-19 09:05:57 -0600]:
> After upgrading to qutebrowser 0.5.0, I've noticed that when I try to drag
> emails from the inbox to labels on the side, instead of dragging the email
> as before, the mouse just selects the entire page.

First of all, please upgrade to v0.5.1 and check if there's any
invalid setting in the config - v0.5.0 has a bug where it doesn't
validate most setting values, which can cause all kinds of fun

If you get the same on v0.5.1, can you please downgrade to v0.4.1 and
see if that makes things work again? I'd be quite surprised, as
usually those kinds of things are due to QtWebKit issues.



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