qutebrowser v0.5.0 released!

Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Tue Jan 5 20:34:34 CET 2016


I'm happy to annouce the release of qutebrowser v0.5.0!

This release comes with various new features, commands and settings -
such as the ability to use pdf.js to display PDF files in browser,
:download --mhtml to download a page including all ressources or
prettier error pages.

A note for packagers: qutebrowser now uses pdf.js to display PDFs if
the user enables that feature, and searches pdf.js in various common
places like /usr/share/pdf.js and /usr/share/javascript/pdf. If pdf.js
is packaged for your distribution (or you want to package it), please
add it as optional/recommended dependency.

The Windows packages are still building, but everything else should be

The full changelog:


- Ability to preview PDFs using pdf.js in the browser if it's installed. This
  is disabled by default and can be enabled using the
  `content -> pdfjs-enabled` setting.
- New setting `ui -> hide-wayland-decoration` to hide the window decoration
  when using wayland.
- New userscripts in `misc/userscripts`:
    - `open_download` to easily open a file in your downloads folder.
    - `view_in_mpv` to open a video in mpv and remove it from the page.
    - `qutedmenu` and `dmenu_qutebrowser` to select URLs via dmenu
- New setting `content -> host-blocking-whitelist` to whitelist certain domains
  from the adblocker.
- `{scroll_pos}` can now be used in `ui -> window-title-format` and
  `tabs -> title-format`.
- New setting `general -> url-incdec-segments` to configure which segments of
  the URL should be affected by `:navigate increment/decrement`.
- New `--target` argument to specify how URLs should be opened in an existing
- New setting `statusbar.url.fg.success.https` to set the foreground color for
  the URL when a page was loaded via HTTPS.
- The scrollbar in the completion is now styled, and the following new options
  got added:
    * `completion -> scrollbar-width`
    * `completion -> scrollbar-padding`
    * `colors -> completion.scrollbar.fg`
    * `colors -> completion.scrollbar.bg`
- New value `none` for options taking a color system so they don't display a
    * `colors -> tabs.indicator.system`
    * `colors -> downloads.fg.system`
    * `colors -> downloads.bg.system`
- New command `:download-retry` to retry a failed download.
- New command `:download-clear` which replaces `:download-remove --all`.
- `:set-cmd-text` has a new `--append` argument to append to the current
  statusbar text.
- qutebrowser now uses `~/.netrc` if available to authenticate via HTTP.
- New `:fake-key` command to send a fake keypress to a website or to
- New `--mhtml` argument for `:download` to download a page including all
  ressources as MHTML file.
- New option `tabs -> title-alignment` to change the alignment of tab titles.


- The `colors -> tabs.bg/fg.selected` option got split into
- `:spawn --userscript` and `:hint` with the `userscript` target now look up
  relative paths in `~/.local/share/qutebrowser/userscripts` or
  `$XDG_DATA_DIR`. Using a binary in `$PATH` won't work anymore with
- New design for error pages
- Link filtering for hints now checks if the text is contained anywhere in
  the link, and matches case-insensitively.
- The `ui -> remove-finished-downloads` option got changed to an integer and
  now takes a time (in milliseconds) to keep the download around after it's
  finished. When set to `-1`, downloads are never removed.
- The `:follow-hint` command now optionally takes the keystring of a hint to
- `:scroll-px` now doesn't take floats anymore, which made little sense.
- Updated the user agent list for the `:set network user-agent` completion.
- Starting with `--debug` doesn't log `VDEBUG` messages anymore (add
  `--loglevel VDEBUG` to get them).
- `:debug-console` now hides the console if it's already shown.
- `:yank-selected` now doesn't log the selected text anymore.
- `general -> log-javascript-console` got changed from a boolean to an option
  taking a loglevel (`none`, `info`, `debug`).
- `:tab-move +/-` now wraps around if `tabs -> wrap` is `true`.
- When a subprocess (like launched by `:spawn`) fails, its stdout/stderr is now
  logged to the console.
- A search engine name can now contain any non-space character, like dashes.


- `:download-remove --all` is now deprecated and `:download-clear` should be
  used instead.
- `:download <url> <destination>` is now deprecated and
  `:download --dest <destination> <url>` should be used instead.


- `:scroll` with two pixel-arguments (deprecated in v0.3.0)
- The `:run-userscript` command (deprecated in v0.2.0)
- The `rapid` and `rapid-win` targets for `:hint` (deprecated in v0.2.0)
- The `:cancel-download` command (deprecated in v0.2.0)
- The `:download-page` command (deprecated in v0.2.0)


- Fixed retrying of downloads which were started in a now closed tab.
- Fixed displaying of web history if `web-history-max-items` is set to -1.
- Cloned tabs now don't display favicons anymore if show-favicons is False.
- Fixed a crash when clicking a bookmark name and pressing `Ctrl-D`.
- Fixed a crash when a website presents a very small favicon.
- Fixed prompting for download directory when
  `storage -> prompt-download-directory` was unset.
- Fixed crash when using `:follow-hint` outside of hint mode.
- Fixed crash when using `:set foo bar?` with invalid section/option.
- Fixed scrolling to the very left/right with `:scroll-perc`.
- Using an external editor should now work correctly with some funny chars
- Movements in caret mode now should work correctly on OS X and Windows.
- Fixed upgrade from earlier config versions.
- Fixed crash when killing a running userscript.
- Fixed characters being passed through when shifted with
  `forward-unbound-keys` set to `auto`.
- Fixed restarting after a crash is reported.
- Removed `.pyc` files accidentally contained in source releases.

Since v0.4.0, the following people have contributed to qutebrowser:

- Daniel Schadt
- Lamar Pavel
- meles5
- Nathan Isom
- Patric Schmitz
- Alexey Nabrodov
- Thorsten Wißmann
- Jonas Schürmann
- Alexander Cogneau
- Panagiotis Ktistakis
- skinnay
- Felix Van der Jeugt
- Artur Shaik
- neeasade
- Peter Michely
- Halfwit
- Antoni Boucher
- Michael
- Corentin Jule
- Claude
- xd1le
- larryhynes
- dylan araps
- Samuel Loury
- Martin Tournoij
- Marcel Schilling
- John ShaggyTwoDope Jenkins
- Jean-Christophe Petkovich
- Daniel Lu
- Averrin

Thank you!


http://www.the-compiler.org | me at the-compiler.org (Mail/XMPP)
   GPG: 916E B0C8 FD55 A072 | http://the-compiler.org/pubkey.asc
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