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Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Sun Feb 21 11:45:24 CET 2016


* Abraham Baker <z1693060 at students.niu.edu> [2016-02-19 20:51:07 -0600]:
> Minor suggestion:
> When sites that have "SSL Errors" try to load, a prompt appears asking if I
> want to continue (since the certificate is invalid).  Usually I just press
> 'y' and continue, but sometimes I'd rather just close the tab ('d') since I
> don't need it anymore.  However, I can't close the tab right away since the
> prompt wants 'y' or 'n'.
> Would it be possible to change prompts so that 'd' or other similar actions
> would still work (since close is the same as "no and close this tab")?

I'm not sure whether I should add that as a default binding or not,
but you can simply add such a binding yourself:

    :bind --mode prompt d tab-close


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