This week's qutebrowser updates

Florian Bruhin me at
Tue Mar 3 06:53:28 CET 2015


and another week passed already, of course not without some
qutebrowser updates! ;)

There's also something still work in progress:

- Making the web history a lot more efficient (faster and memory


Excluding merges, 2 authors have pushed 34 commits to master and 34
commits to all branches. On master, 44 files have changed and there
have been 823 additions and 393 deletions.

1 Pull request merged by 1 person
10 Issues closed by 2 people
4 Issues created by 3 people


- Add option to set minimum number of chars in hints
  Thanks to Ram-Z for this contribution!
- Make it possible to use :open -[twb] without url.
- Add input -> partial-timeout option to clear partial keystrings.


- Display more details in earlyinit import error messages.
- Print stacktrace to log on Qt warnings
- Move cursor to end of textboxes when hinting.
- Disable insecure SSL ciphers (< 128bit) for Qt 5.2 (Ubuntu Trusty).
- Disable completion for debug console.
  (it never really worked anyways)
- Don't start searches on invalid URLs for quickmarks/startpage.


- Fix removing of partial downloads when a download is cancelled via
  context menu.
- Fix RuntimeError when navigating away from a page using
- Allow font names with integers in them.
- Fix hinting in new tab/window when javascript is used to load the
- Log rfc6266 UnicodeDecodeError to correct logger.
- Fix buildbot badge in README

Under the hood

- Clean up handling of standard dirs.
- Restore sys.std* in utils.fake_io on exceptions.
- Refactor how click/hint open targets are handled.
- Refactor the keyboard input parsers.
- Various unittest fixes and improvements.


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