This week's qutebrowser updates

Florian Bruhin me at
Mon Oct 27 23:15:06 CET 2014

And another week is over!

I felt rather dead last week, but then did some stuff on the weekend
and there were some nice contributions, so this mail won't be as short
as I thought it would! :)

I was asked for a rough timeline for v0.1. No hard feelings about it,
but that's about how I imagine it:

- Now:      I will mainly concentrate on bugfixes and few important
            features for the work I do myself.
- Nov 14th: Deadline(-ish) for nice-to-have feature contributions.
- Dec 2nd:  Qt 5.4 release, so hopefully closing some upstream bugs!
- Dec 7th:  Deadline(-ish) for features I think are really useful to
            have in v0.1.
- Dec 14th: qutebrowser v0.1 release (hopefully!), 1 year after the
            initial commit

Note: Deadline doesn't mean I won't care about it anymore
(contributions are *always* most welcome), but I'll think twice about
including it in v0.1. It also doesn't mean I won't include it, I
probably won't be able to withstand the temptation :D


Excluding merges, 3 authors have pushed 21 commits to master and 21
commits to all branches. On master, 17 files have changed and there
have been 275 additions and 112 deletions.

2 Pull requests merged by 2 people
6 Issues closed by 1 person
12 Issues created by 1 person

Upgrade notes

In the `colors` section in the config, `tab.fg` has been split into
`tab.fg.odd`, `tab.fg.even` and `tab.fg.selected` - so you most likely
want to set them all to what `tab.fg` was for you before.


- Open unknown protocols (e.g. magnet:// or mailto-links) with
  external viewer.


- hints: Add option to show all hint chars as uppercase
  (thanks to Peter Vilim for the contribution!)
- Make scripts work when the PWD is inside the scripts folder.
- Split color option `tabs.fg` into `tabs.fg.(odd|even|selected)`,
  similiar to the background.
  (thanks to rikn00 for the contribution!)


- Fix completion with flags
- Fix completion failing when scrolling fast through results
- Fix weird exception when hinting (elements without web frame)
- Fix
- Fix updating of tab colors when the config changed.
- Fix exception when closing last tab with tabs->last-close set to


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