[qutebrowser-announce] qutebrowser v2.3.0 released

Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Mon Jun 28 17:48:55 CEST 2021


I'm happy to announce that I just released qutebrowser v2.3.0.

It's relatively small release with only a couple of new features.
The main reason for it is to release the (now hopefully proper) fix for
logging into Google accounts on macOS. Given that a couple of new
features were ready and it's been some 2.5 months since v2.2.0, I
decided to go for a v2.3.0 instead of a v2.2.4.

Here's the full changelog:


- New `content.prefers_reduced_motion` setting to request websites to reduce
  non-essential motion/animations.
- New `colors.prompts.selected.fg` setting to customize the text color for
  selected items in filename prompts.


- The hosts-based adblocker (using `content.blocking.hosts.lists`) now also
  blocks all requests to any subdomains of blocked hosts.
- The `fonts.web.*` settings now support URL patterns.
- The `:greasemonkey-reload` command now shows a list of loaded scripts and has
  a new `--quiet` switch to suppress that message.
- When launching a userscript via hints, a new `QUTE_CURRENT_URL` environment
  variable now points to the current page (rather than the URL of the selected
  element, where `QUTE_URL` points to).


- Crash on macOS 10.14+ when logging into Google accounts -- the previous fix
  was incomplete due wrong information in Apple's documentation.
- Crash when two Greasemonkey scripts have the same name (usually happening
  because the same file is in both the data and the config directory).
- Deprecation warnings when using the `link_pyqt.py` script on Python 3.10
  (e.g. via `tox` or `mkvenv.py`).



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