[qutebrowser-announce] qutebrowser v1.11.0 released

Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Mon Apr 27 18:29:51 CEST 2020


I'm happy to announce that I released v1.11.0 today!

There are a lot of small features here and there, thanks to all the
contributors involved!

Also, this release has some initial adoptions for Qt 5.15, including an
important change related to sessions:

Since Qt doesn't provide an API to load the history of a tab, qutebrowser
relies on a reverse-engineered binary serialization format to load tab history
from session files. With Qt 5.15, unfortunately that format changed (due to the
underlying Chromium upgrade), in a way which makes it impossible for
qutebrowser to load tab history from existing session data.

A new session format which stores part of the needed binary data in saved
sessions is in development and will be released with qutebrowser v1.12.0:

As a stop-gap measure:

- Loading a session with this release will only load the most recently opened
  page for every tab. As a result, the back/forward-history of every tab will
  be lost as soon as the session is saved again.

- A one-time backup of the session folder will been created in a
  "before-qt-515" subfolder inside the session folder.

- A warning will be shown at the first start with Qt 5.15 with essentially the
  text above.

Stay tuned for a proper fix!

Here's the full changelog:

## Added

- New settings:
  * `search.wrap` which can be set to false to prevent wrapping around the page
    when searching. With QtWebEngine, Qt 5.14 or newer is required.
  * `content.unknown_url_scheme_policy` which allows controlling when an
    external application is opened for external links (never, from user
    interaction, always).
  * `content.fullscreen.overlay_timeout` to configure how long the fullscreen
    overlay should be displayed. If set to `0`, no overlay is displayed.
  * `hints.padding` to add additional padding for hints.
  * `hints.radius` to set a border radius for hints (set to `3` by default).
- New placeholders for `url.searchengines` values:
  * `{unquoted}` inserts the search term without any quoting.
  * `{semiquoted}` (same as `{}`) quotes most special characters, but slashes
    remain unquoted.
  * `{quoted}` (same as `{}` in earlier releases) also quotes slashes.

## Changed

- First adaptions to Qt 5.15, including a stop-gap measure for session loading
  not working properly with it.
- Searching now wraps around the page by default with QtWebKit (where it didn't
  before). Set `search.wrap` to `false` to restore the old behavior.
- The `{}` placeholder for search engines (the `url.searchengines` setting) now
  does not quote slashes anymore, but other characters typically encoded in
  URLs still get encoded. This matches the behavior of search engines in
  Chromium. To revert to the old behavior, use `{quoted}` instead.
- The `content.windowed_fullscreen` setting got renamed to
- Mouse-wheel scrolling is now prevented while hints are active.
- Changes to userscripts:
  * `qute-bitwarden` now has an optional `--totp` flag which can be used
    to copy TOTP codes to clipboard (requires the `pyperclip` module).
  * `readability-js` now opens readability tabs next to the original
    tab (using the `:open --related` flag).
  * `readability-js` now displays a favicon for readability tabs.
  * `password_fill` now triggers a `change` JavaScript event after filling the
- The `dictcli.py` script now shows better error messages.
- Various improvements to the `mkvenv.py` script (mainly useful for development).
- Minor performance improvements.

## Deprecated

- A warning about old Qt versions is now also shown with Qt 5.9 and 5.10, as
  support for Qt < 5.11 will be dropped in qutebrowser v2.0.

## Fixed

- `unsafeWindow` is now defined for Greasemonkey scripts with QtWebKit.
- The proxied `window` global is now shared between different
  Greasemonkey scripts (but still separate from the page's `window`), to
  match the original Greasemonkey implementation.
- The `--output-messages` (`-m`) flag added in v1.9.0 now also works correctly
  when using `:spawn --userscript`.
- `:version` and `--version` now don't crash if there's an (invalid)
  `/etc/os-release` file which has non-comment lines without a `=` character.
- Scripts in `scripts/` now report errors to `stderr` correctly, instead of
  using `stdout`.


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