[qutebrowser-announce] qutebrowser v0.11.0 released!

Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Tue Jul 4 23:51:49 CEST 2017


after hours of struggling with things (broken scripts, GitHub being
broken, a hanging Windows VM, a macOS which refuses to unmount stuff,
etc.) I'm happy to announce that qutebrowser v0.11.0 was (finally)

This release will be the last (major) release supporting legacy QtWebKit
(i.e. the non-updated version of it), Python 3.4, and Qt older than 5.7.
See https://github.com/qutebrowser/qutebrowser/issues/2742 for details.

For packagers: Note that this adds new dependencies on the Qt OpenGL
module and PyOpenGL *when using QtWebEngine*. See the changelog for

The highlights of this release are probably a completely revamped
Windows binary release (new Qt, QtWebEngine, NSIS), new private browsing
(with QtWebEngine support) and pinned tabs - but there's a lot more!

The full changelog:

## New dependencies

- New dependency on `PyQt5.QtOpenGL` if QtWebEngine is used. QtWebEngine depends
  on QtOpenGL already, but on distributions packaging split PyQt5 wrappers, the
  wrappers for QtOpenGL are now required.
- New dependency on `PyOpenGL` if QtWebEngine is used.

## Added

- Private browsing is now implemented for QtWebEngine, *and changed its
  behavior*: The `general -> private-browsing` setting now only applies to newly
  opened windows, and you can use the `-p` flag to `:open` to open a private
- New "pinned tabs" feature, with a new `:tab-pin` command (bound
  to `<Ctrl-p>` by default).
- (QtWebEngine) Implemented `:follow-selected`.
- New `:clear-messages` command to clear shown messages.
- New `ui -> keyhint-delay` setting to configure the delay until
  the keyhint overlay pops up.
- New `-s` option for `:open` to force a HTTPS scheme.
- `:debug-log-filter` now accepts `none` as an argument to clear any log
- New `--debug-flag` argument which replaces `--debug-exit` and
- New `tabs -> favicon-scale` option to scale up/down favicons.
- `colors -> statusbar.bg/fg.private` and `.command.private` to
  customize statusbar colors for private windows.
- New `{private}` field displaying `[Private Mode]` for
  `ui -> window-title-format` and `tabs -> title-format`.
- (QtWebEngine) Proxy support with Qt 5.7.1 (already was supported for 5.8 and

## Changed

- To prevent elaborate phishing attacks, the Punycode version (`xn--*`) is now
  shown in addition to the decoded version for international domain names
- Starting with legacy QtWebKit now shows a warning message.
  *With the next release, support for it will be removed.*
- The Windows releases are redone from scratch, which means:
  - They now use the new QtWebEngine backend
  - The bundled Qt is updated from 5.5 to 5.9
  - The bundled Python is updated from 3.4 to 3.6
  - They are now generated with PyInstaller instead of cx_Freeze
  - The installer is now generated using NSIS instead of being a MSI
- Improved `qute://history` page (with lazy loading)
- Crash reports are not public anymore.
- Paths like `C:` are now treated as absolute paths on Windows for downloads,
  and invalid paths are handled properly.
- Comments in the config file are now placed before the individual options
  instead of being before sections.
- Messages are now hidden when clicked.
- stdin is now closed immediately for processes spawned from qutebrowser.
- When `ui -> message-timeout` is set to 0, messages are now never cleared.
- Middle/right-clicking the blank parts of the tab bar (when vertical) now
  closes the current tab.
- The adblocker now also blocks non-GET requests (e.g. POST).
- `javascript:` links can now be hinted.
- `:view-source`, `:tab-clone` and `:navigate --tab` now don't open the tab as
  "explicit" anymore, i.e. (with the default settings) open it next to the
  active tab.
- `qute:*` pages now use `qute://*` instead (e.g. `qute://version` instead of
  `qute:version`), but the old versions are automatically redirected.
- Texts in prompts are now selectable.
- The default level for `:messages` is now `info`, not `error`
- Trying to focus the currently focused tab with `:tab-focus` now focuses the
  last viewed tab.
- (QtWebEngine) With Qt 5.9, `content -> cookies-store` can now be set without
  a restart.
- (QtWebEngine) With Qt 5.9, better error messages are now shown for failed
- (QtWebEngine) The underlying Chromium version is now shown in the version
- (QtWebKit) Renderer process crashes now show an error page on Qt 5.9 or newer.
- (QtWebKit) storage -> offline-web-application-storage` got renamed to `...-cache`
- (QtWebKit) PAC now supports SOCKS5 as type.

## Fixed

- The macOS .dmg is now built against Qt 5.9 which fixes various
  important issues (such as not being able to type dead keys).
- Fixed crash with `:download` on PyQt 5.9.
- Cloning a page without history doesn't crash anymore.
- When a download results in a HTTP error, it now shows the error correctly
  instead of crashing.
- Pressing ctrl-c while a config error is shown works as intended now.
- When the key config isn't writable, we now show an error instead of crashing.
- Fixed crash when unbinding an unbound key in the key config.
- Fixed crash when using `:debug-log-filter` when `--filter` wasn't given on startup.
- Fixed crash with some invalid setting values.
- Continuing a search after clearing it now works correctly.
- The tabbar and completion should now be more consistently and correctly
  styled with various system styles.
- Applying styiles in `qt5ct` now shouldn't crash anymore.
- The validation for colors in stylesheets is now less strict,
  allowing for all valid Qt values.
- `data:` URLs now aren't added to the history anymore.
- Accidentally starting with Python 2 now shows a proper error message again.
- For some people, running some userscripts crashed - this should now be fixed.
- Various other rare crashes should now be fixed.
- The settings documentation was truncated with v0.10.1 which should now be
- Scrolling to an anchor in a background tab now works correctly, and javascript
  gets the correct window size for background tabs.
- (QtWebEngine) Added a workaround for a black screen with some setups
- (QtWebEngine) Starting with Nouveau graphics now shows an error message
  instead of crashing in Qt.
- (QtWebEngine) Retrying downloads now shows an error instead of crashing.
- (QtWebEngine) Cloning a view-source tab now doesn't crash anymore.
- (QtWebEngine) `window.navigator.userAgent` is now set correctly when
  customizing the user agent.
- (QtWebEngine) HTML fullscreen is now tracked for each tab separately, which
  means it's not possible anymore to accidentally get stuck in fullscreen state
  by closing a tab with a fullscreen video.
- (QtWebEngine) `:scroll-page` with `--bottom-navigate` now works correctly.
- (QtWebKit) The HTTP cache is disabled on Qt 5.7.1 and 5.8 now as it leads to
  frequent crashes due to a Qt bug.
- (QtWebKit) Fixed Crash when a PAC file returns an invalid value.



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