herbstluftwm 0.9.5 release

Thorsten Wißmann edu at thorsten-wissmann.de
Sat Jul 30 08:29:04 CEST 2022

Dear all,

whenever there is a couple of weeks of feature silence, it is usually a
good occasion to interpret this period in retrospect as a testing phase
for the new release:

    herbstluftwm 0.9.5

The usual references are listed below :-), the NEWS file lists the new
features; most notably:

    - key binds for key release events
    - more convenience for sprintf in foreach loops
    - new convenience attribute 'at_end' for helper tags like

Thanks for using hlwm!

Best wishes,

  - List of new features: http://herbstluftwm.org/news.html
  - List of incompatible changes: https://herbstluftwm.org/migration.html
  - Source Tarballs: http://herbstluftwm.org/download.html
  - Issue tracker: https://github.com/herbstluftwm/herbstluftwm/issues

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