window refreshing problem

Q leo.szilard00 at
Fri Aug 7 02:24:53 CEST 2020

Hi Thorsten,

Thank you for replying. I normally use only the extract feature of
xarchiver from pcmanfm but archiving is the same behavior.  I extract
rar files (<2GB in total) and it takes about a minute or so.  I have a
very limited system with 2 cores therefore that might be the issue
here.  If I wait long enough the window where xarchiver app is working
will refresh itself but it might take over 20 seconds.  I don't have
this problem with the other window managers namely dwm for instance.



On 8/4/20 12:48 PM, Thorsten Wißmann wrote:
> Hi Leo,
> I can't reproduce it. I've tried it with xarchiver from the
> arch linux repositories (the gtk-3 frontend). I've extracted the
> texlive-fontsextra-2020.55407-1-any.pkg.zst package which is 500MB
> zipped and 1.5GB extracted. Even after switching back and forth between
> workspaces I still could see the light in the status bar blinking
> between red and green. But in total the extraction process takes very
> little time.
> Does it also happen when creating an archive? (creating an archive takes
> much longer, so maybe it's less of a hassle to debug it)
> Best,
> Thorsten
> On Fri, Jul 10, 2020 at 08:03:20PM -0400, Q wrote:
>> Hi Thorsten,
>> I am encountering a window refresh problem.  If I launch either thunar
>> or pcmanfm in a tree frame and then try to extract an archive file with
>> xarchiver, the window in which xarchiver is working in does not seem to
>> refresh when I toggle between workspaces.
>> software version below:
>> hlwm v0.8.3
>> nitrogen v1.6.1-3
>> picom 8-2
>> thunar 1.8.15-1
>> pcmanfm 1.3.1-2
>> xarchiver
>> Regards,
>> Leo

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