herbstluftwm 0.8.1 release

Thorsten Wißmann edu at thorsten-wissmann.de
Tue Apr 21 00:21:31 CEST 2020

Dear fellow hlwm users,

it's time for herbstluftwm 0.8.1. A number of issues have been fixed in
the last days since the last release, and there are also a few new
features. Thanks a lot to the contributors (Simon / blarz, Daniel
Danner, Bohdan Potměkleč, Johannes Jordan / ypnos), to the authors of
distro packages and to those who reported issues!

The list of user-visible changes[1] and the release tarballs[2] are at
the usual locations. Feedback and bug reports via IRC, Mail, and github
are always welcome!


[1] http://herbstluftwm.org/news.html
[2] http://herbstluftwm.org/download.html
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