herbstluftwm 0.7.0 release

Thorsten Wißmann edu at thorsten-wissmann.de
Fri Feb 5 12:17:07 CET 2016


I'd like to clarify: herbstluftwm not dead!

Formally, herbstluftwm is now C++ and we have some new features, so it
is indeed time for a release (the first one after nearly 2 years).
Everybody noticed that already, but I was just too lazy and too shy[1]
to do it.

Luckily, Florian (among others) reminded me that the current development
status diserves a release — so here it is. As usual, the tarball can be
found on the download page[2] and the new features on the news page[3].

Thanks to all who work on herbstluftwm and support it :-)


[1] Are there any (critical) bugs, introduced in the git since the last
    0.6.2 release, did herbstluftwm become slower…?
[2] http://herbstluftwm.org/tarballs/
[3] http://herbstluftwm.org/news.html

$ git shortlog v0.6.2..v0.7.0
Brian Callahan (1):
      Unhardcode /bin/bash

Campbell Barton (3):
      Fix memory leak
      Add initial support for CMake
      Add CMake section to HACKING

Christoph Egger (1):
      Add signature to released files

Florian Bruhin (5):
      Use HSAttributeValue in hsattribute_assign.
      Add tag id objects.
      Disallow empty tag name as target for rename.
      Add -- to zsh compadd.
      Update titles correctly for clients without WM_NAME.

Florian Schmaus (4):
      Add FAQ entry about IM layout
      Add share/dmenu_run_hlwm
      Add '-0 / --print0' to herbstclient
      Add '-l / --last-arg' to herbstclient

Fritz Reichwald (1):
      Change copyright to 2011-2014 in version info

Hans-Peter Deifel (4):
      Use numeric_limits<uint32_t> instead of UINT32_MAX
      Add CXXFLAGS for header dependency calculation
      Replace explicit array initialization with C++
      Fix two clang warnings

Johannes Jordan (1):
      Fix window_update_wm_state()

Martin \"eto\" Misuth (1):
      Add close_and_remove command

Matias Linares (1):
      Add missing window_title_changed hook.

Sander van Rossem (1):
      Use PKG_CONFIG variable during make.

Thorsten Wißmann (52):
      www: Add 0.6.2 tarball
      Add post-release NEWS for 0.6.2
      Fixup asciidoc syntax in NEWS
      Make nearly all globals static
      Re-Use g_tree_style from layout.c in utils.c
      ewmh: Handle _NET_WM_MOVERESIZE more conform
      Do not process EWMH request for unmanaged windows
      Enforce client attribute update
      Move small frames correctly
      Add documentation for tag-by-index objects
      Let WM_STATE property be a XA_CARDINAL
      Herbstluftwm now in community of arch
      Use box drawing chars for "focus" description
      Use unicode drawings for disjoin_rects
      Use correct line drawing character in doc
      Hack table of contents into faqs on the homepage
      Separate ipc-client source from server source
      Fix pointer assignment in string_to_bool_error
      Migrate much code to C++
      Fix initialization of unparsed_value for color attrs
      Add FAQ-Entry for a pidign-layout
      www: Improve gajim/pidgin faq-entry
      Mention alpinelinux on the download page
      Drop hooks without content in --last-arg mode
      Correctly delete arrays
      Merge C++-branch
      mv README -> INSTALL
      Add README.md
      mv README INSTALL also affects Makefile
      Explicitly manage desktop windows
      Return -1 on error in ewmh_get_window_type
      Merge pull request #43 from flocke/master
      Merge pull request #41 from matiaslina/master
      Fix crash in cycle_value for compatibility settings
      Add documentation for new features
      Add FAQ entry for seperate tags per monitor
      Let wselect.sh respect swap_monitors_to_get_tag
      Migrate from git.cs.fau.de to github.com
      Also migrate urls on the download page to github
      Add more links to github page
      Fixup wselect.sh
      Add windowmenu.sh example script
      Add toggledualhead.sh example script
      autostart: Skip non-recognizable layout changes
      Merge cmake branch
      Add script for window maximization
      Improve maximize.sh
      Unhardcode /bin/bash
      Mention new example scripts in NEWS
      FAQ entry for detecting first autostart execution
      Update focus objects when removing a tag
      Release 0.7.0

ctx (1):
      Update _NET_WM_DESKTOP after removing a tag

sedrubal (1):
      Use $TERMINAL env var for spawning a terminal

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