Hidden tags

Hans-Peter Deifel hpdeifel at gmx.de
Sat Jan 3 14:20:55 CET 2015

Am 03.01.2015 um 12:22 schrieb Thorsten Wißmann:
>> Am 03.01.2015 12:04 schrieb "Hans-Peter Deifel" <hpdeifel at gmx.de>:
>>> I started to implement a "hidden tag" feature that allows to set an
>>> attribute on tags to hide it from pagers and ignore it when cycling.
> A minor problem with that aproach: then I am not able to move a window
> to the q3terminal-tag using a panel without showing the q3terminal.

Well, if you actually want your q3terminal-tag shown in the pager, then
just don't set the tag as hidden. I thinks that's fair :)

> On Sat, Jan 03, 2015 at 12:10:03PM +0100, Max Krüger wrote:
>> IMHO for floatmon and q3terminal hlwm should just lie in the ewmh and still
>> tell the panel, the previous tag would be focused.
> For floatmon and q3terminal, that really sounds like a good way.
> Another possibility is to unset the EWMH property, I'm not sure how much
> pagers are confused by this.

Btw, we'd also have to account for windows: A window on a hidden tag
either shouldn't be listed in _NET_CLIENT_LIST or shouldn't have a
_NET_WM_DESKTOP property. Possibly both.


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