[PATCH] Add consequence to move a client to a monitor

Thorsten Wißmann edu at thorsten-wissmann.de
Sat Mar 15 14:48:38 CET 2014

Hi Wesley,

On Sat, Mar 15, 2014 at 12:01:36AM -0600, Wesley Merkel wrote:
> The new 'monitor' consequence will move the client to the specified
> monitor. It will interact with the 'tag' consequence if it is also
> specified for the given client. This behaviour is documented in
> doc/herbstluftwm.txt, so I will not go into it here.

Nice patch, good documentation, thanks! By the way you forgot to free
the monitor_name in client_changes_free_members(). You can check it with
valgrind, as described in the HACKING:

If you use tools like valgrind, then it is needed to turn of the memory
optimization settings for glib. So export this before running herbstluftwm
within valgrind:

    export G_SLICE=always-malloc
    export G_DEBUG=gc-friendly

    valgrind --leak-check=full ./herbstluftwm  -c share/autostart

It's partially my fault because I was to lazy recently to check it and
so there were two other memory leaks in the current head (fixed now). So
the valgrind output was full of leak reports. I added the according
g_string_free() to your patch and it's applied as:

7907ef5 Add consequence to move a client to a monitor

I'm not quite sure why one needs that consequence, can you name one
application for it?

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