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Tue Mar 4 16:02:01 CET 2014

Hi chris,

On Sun, Feb 09, 2014 at 05:37:51PM +0100, Christian Dietrich wrote:
> since I'm a heavy emacs user (sounds like taking drugs...) I want as
> many keybindings as possible. But herbstluftwm is stealing so many of
> them for managing my windows, which is kind of useless, since my emacs
> is always fullscreen on a single tag.
> Therefore there is no reason why herbstluftwm should bind most of the
> keys, when Emacs is focused. I wrote a patch, that does exactly that.
> Each client has a keymask (which is matched against the keybindings as a
> regular expression): All matching keybindings are enabled, all others
> are disabled.
> Keymasks can be applied by client rules, so
>     hc rule class~'Emacs' keymask="Mod4.[1-5qweras]"
> applies the keymask, that only enables monitor and tag switching
> bindings when Emacs is focused. When refocusing only the wrongly
> disabled or enabled keybindings are regrabbed. So it should be kind of
> fast. When not using keybindings no performance impact should be measurable.

Very nice documentation! It's now merged as:

7ebb2e2 Adding keymask feature to disable keybindings temporarily

Actually, I would expect that users of that feature might be interested
in also modifying the client attribute after the window already has
shown up. But if you don't need it there's no reason to put effort into

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