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first of all, please subscribe[1] to the mailinglist before posting so
I don't have to approve your mails by hand.

* Bartosz P <bartoszp92 at> [2014-02-27 02:11:07 +0100]:
> For what system you wrote this WM?
> Just do not ask for what is available, only for what you wrote it :)

How does it matter? You don't usually write a WM for just one system
(unless you're Ubuntu). Well, I guess Thorsten will have to answer on
that, I think he uses Archlinux.

* Bartosz P <bartoszp92 at> [2014-02-27 02:38:49 +0100]:
> And: on what license you distribute this wm?

You could've easily found that out yourself by looking at the manpage,
or in the gitrepo, or probably some other places.


    Copyright 2011-2013 Thorsten Wißmann. All rights reserved.

    This software is licensed under the "Simplified BSD License". See
    LICENSE for details



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