[PATCH 10/10] Remove unused functions.

Thorsten Wißmann edu at thorsten-wissmann.de
Tue Feb 4 14:08:42 CET 2014


I read about your intention of increasing the maintainability. But I see
most of these function as a library (A library won't delete a function
f() if the maintainers guess no application uses it).

For example, I will need..

  - monitor_with_coordinate to implement monitor focussing with
    focus_follows_mouse being enabled.
  - monitor_with_frame for the same feature if hlwm receives a click event
    on a frame window.
  - hsobject_link_rename_object to rename a object, e.g. I could use it
    for renaming tag/monitor objects in the future.

It might be that we don't need the other functions anymore. Do you
really think we should remove them?

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