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Bis 31.01.2023 können im Rahmen der Motto-Abstimmung 3 von 25 Motto-Vorschläge zur 16. Internationalen Woche des Grundeinkommens (16th International Basic Income Week) Mo-So 18.-24.09.2023 ausgewählt werden, siehe https://basicincomeweek.org/vote-your-motto-for-2023/ bzw. www.facebook.com/BasicIncomeWeek/posts/pfbid02BXtUzar6ECnK5k9wbNxMvvoH4QefJY4HzdWpTgEpxcWEGC9hBL9HQD8b6oiGMiR7l und Original-Mail unten.


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Happy New Year 2023 Basic Income Week Supporters,

now you can vote till end of January 2023 for a Motto to the 16th International Basic Income Week Mo-Su 18th-24th September 2023 #basicincomeweek16 at https://basicincomeweek.org/vote-your-motto-for-2023/ You can choose up to three different favorite mottos.

If you would like to design the chosen Motto in February 2023 on a voluntary basis for our Website and Social Media logo, banner, profile picture, main events cover and additional a poster, please contact us at https://basicincomeweek.org/contact-form/ or Social Media messenger Facebook/Twitter/Instagram @basicincomeweek or Email info at basicincomeweek.org

The following 25 mottos you can vote for:
1) Basic Income: Civilization at its best!
2) Basic Income: Good reason to stay. No obstacle to leaving
3) Basic Income: Make it so!
4) Basic Income: Time for new ideas!
5) Basic Income – Don't just talk about it, let's make it happen
6) Basic Income – enough talking, time for action!
7) Basic Income – less state, more individual
8) Basic Income – preventing poverty, preserving inequality
9) Basic Income – simple expedient like a life jacket
10) Basic Income – time to make it a reality
11) Basic Income – Yes, we can!
12) Basic Income for all
13) Basic Income is a balance point
14) Basic Income is a dream come true
15) Basic Income is good for everyone, don't doubt it!
16) Basic Income is sing for evolution.
17) Basic Income is the way to reduce social inequality
18) Basic Income, a birthday for everyone
19) Change the Paradigm – Start UBI Now!
20) finish for Basic Income
21) Image all the people Receivin'Basic Income
22) introduction Basic Income
23) making Basic Income reality
24) Stop talking, start acting – Basic Income!
25) support Basic Income

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Your Basic Income Week Team
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