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Conference announcement (please 

26-27 October 2007, 
Centre for the Study of Social Justice (CSSJ), Oxford

The past two 
decades have witnessed a remarkable revival in both academic and policy circles 
of the idea that every citizen should be granted an unconditional basic income 
by right, without a means test or work requirement. Nevertheless, many questions 
remain before this idea could be turned into a workable policy. Prominent 
amongst these are questions about the very shape of a basic income society: what 
would a society in which an unconditional basic income takes a central place 
look like in terms of its broader policies and institutions? Relatedly, there 
are important debates about the normative justification and political 
feasibility of a basic income society. Should we move towards a basic income 
society? What sort of political strategies need to be put in place to move from 
the current welfare state to such a society? The conference will reflect on 
these questions, charting both promising avenues and pitfalls in the current 
debate. Participants from a diverse range of disciplines, including politics, 
philosophy, policy sciences, and sociology, critically reflect on the need to 
understand how questions pertaining to normative justification, institutional 
design, and political trajectories inform one another, jointly shaping future 
debates on universal welfare.

This conference is organised by the Centre 
for the Study of Social Justice (CSSJ), with generous support from the 
Department of Politics and International Relations and the Public Policy Unit at 
the University of Oxford, and the Association for Legal and Social Philosophy 

Confirmed speakers:

David Casassas (University of 
Jurgen De Wispelaere (Trinity College Dublin)
Antoni Domènech 
(University of Barcelona)
Tony Fitzpatrick (University of 
Louise Haagh (University of York)
Bill Jordan (University of 
José Antonio Noguera (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
Opielka (University of Applied Sciences, Jena)
Carole Pateman (University of 
Cardiff / UCLA)
David Purdy (Emeritus, University of Manchester)
Raventós (University of Barcelona)
Yannick Vanderborght (Facultés 
Universitaires St. Louis, Brussels)
Stuart White (University of 
Karl Widerquist (University of Reading)

Visit http://social-justice.politics.ox.ac.uk/events/basicincome/ 
for detailed conference information and the conference 

Registration is now open. The registration fee is £20 (£10 for 
students), which is not refundable. Please download the registration form at http://social-justice.politics.ox.ac.uk/events/basicincome/materials/CSSJ_BI_Registration.doc 
and return completed. Please note that spaces for this conference are 

Contact conference organisers David Casassas and Jurgen De 
Wispelaere at basic.income at politics.ox.ac.uk 
for further information.


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