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Dear Young Green friends,

Please find below an invitation to a webinar on the government negotiations
in Germany, hosted by the German Greens and the EGP now on Wednesday at
18:30 CET. It is open to Green grassroots activists and you can find
instructions on how to join below. Feel free to spread the invitation eg in
your Member Organisations. And do prepare questions and input! :)

Best regards,

Secretary General

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From: Reinhard Bütikofer <reinhard.buetikofer at europeangreens.eu>
Date: 9 October 2017 at 18:04
Subject: European webinar to discuss with the German Greens on the
prospects of possibly joining a coalition government
To: Federation of Young European Greens <office at fyeg.org>

Dear Green friends,

Below you find the invitation for the "Europe calling" webinar taking place
this Wednesday at 18h30. This wants to offer an opportunity to participate
in discussing the peculiar political situation that is developing in

It would be great, if you could spread the invitation among your green
contacts and ask them to distribute it as they see fit.

The more people that get the invitation, the better.


*Reinhard Bütikofer*
EGP Co-Chair

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B-1050 Brussels, Belgium
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Dreaming of Jamaica? Discuss with the German Greens on the prospects
of possibly
joining a coalition government.

Follow this link to directly register for the online discussion:

Follow this link to distribute the information on twitter:

Follow this link to invite friends to the Facebook event:

Dear colleagues, dear friends,

Recent Parliamentary elections in Germany created a new political situation
with great opportunities and challenges - not only for the German Greens
but for the European Greens. This is why we would like to invite Green
grassroots and activists from around Europe to an online discussion
("webinar") in order to discuss the prospects of the German Greens joining
a new government coalition with Merkel's Christian Democrats and the
Liberals. We would like to present you our analysis of the situation and
listen to your expectations and comments.

This online discussion is a collaboration between the European Green Party
and the German Greens. Cem Oezdemir, co-chair and Co-Spitzenkandidat of the
German Greens, and Reinhard Bütikofer, co-chair of the European Green
Party, stand ready to discuss with you.

Our webinar takes place as a part of the series of online discussions
"Europe Calling", run by Sven Giegold, MEP. It is a video conference via
your normal web browser. Through a simple "webinar" programme you can see
and hear the panelists. You can directly talk to them via your microphone.
This is how Europe comes closer to citizens. Take part from home! All you
need is a computer or smartphone with internet connection or just a normal
phone. For technical reasons, a registration is required in advance.

The concept is simple but effective: Using a "Webinar" device on your
personal computers, hundreds of people can attend discussions on European
politics and thus participate in European democracy.

Europe Calling: Dreaming of Jamaica? Discuss with the German Greens on
the prospects of joining a coalition government.
Time: *Wednesday, 11 October, 18h30*

Please, register online to the "webinar" (technically necessary):

"Europe Calling" brings together hundreds of people all around Europe!
Everybody is free to take part from one's home or office via computer,
smartphone or good old fixed line. The speakers can be seen and listened to
in a video window and interact with the audience like in a normal room. You
can ask your questions via an online chat or get directly involved by
posing questions and statements via your microphone.

Please, register online to the "webinar":

On Wednesday 11 October at 18h30 you just open the link that you get after
the registration. Then run the "GoTo Webinar" device on your web browser.
You can then directly take part in the discussion. Please keep in mind that
you will have to use a Windows or Mac computer, Linux is unfortunately not
yet supported by the programme. If you have any problems, or need technical
advice, please contact my member of staff Anja Gottschalk via
sven.giegold at ep.europa.eu
 or via phone: +3222845369

I would appreciate a lot to hear many of you! Also, I would be grateful if
you could help distributing the invitation. As there is no limit of space,
please make as much advertising as possible.

With green European greetings,

Sven Giegold
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