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Maybe your organisations would be ok to bring their signature to this (very
large) manifesto...

Cheers !

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Date: 2015-03-04 15:28 GMT+01:00
Subject: Net Neutrality Update - 71 organisations, but we need more!
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Dear international friends,

*Thanks again for being part of the largest European youth coalition ever
<http://www.youth4netneutrality.eu>*! On March 13th (friday), the Council
of Ministers will make their final decision on Net Neutrality. It is
expected that they announce their stance a few days before friday the 13th.

Leaked proposals look bad, so we have to keep fighting!

It would be awesome if we can grow to a list of 100 supporting
organizations. *Therefore, we need your help:* Please let all political
youth organizations you are in contact with know about the manifesto.

There are some EU-countries in which we don't have any supporters yet. If
you know anyone in those countries, please urgently let them know about the
initiative. Our message would gain extra strength if we can say we have
support in all EU-member states. These countries are still missing:

   1. Bulgaria
   2. Estonia
   3. Italy (especially important because the Italian government seems to
   oppose Net Neutrality)
   4. Lithuania
   5. Romania
   6. Slovenia

All details about signing up are on the contact page of

A few days before the final decision, we will send your organization
another press release, which you can translate and spread among media
organizations in your country. It would be great if you could do so!

Many thanks! I am confident that we as youth of Europe can make a

All the best,
Dirkjan TIjs

*Jonge Democraten / Young Democrats (NL)*
*President National Board*

+31644226072 | president at jd.nl | @DirkjanTijs
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