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Sun Mar 1 11:33:45 CET 2015

Dear all,

CDN is searching for a *male Prep-Team member coming from non-Eastern
European country* for our project *“Bordering on the Possible – Migration,
Policy-making and Youth“*, Study Session in European Youth Centre in
Budapest (8 - 13th June 2015).

If you are interested in applying, send us an e-mail to *office at cdnee.org
<office at cdnee.org>* for more information. The deadline is *6th of March*.

*We are searching for someone who:*

- speaks English

- is male from Western Europe

- would join our preparatory team to give expertise in the topic of Youth
and Migration

- contribute to theoretical sessions in program part

- is available to travel in time of preparatory team (26th – 27th Mar) and
seminar (8th – 13th Jun)

- is available on-line and timely follow e-mail communication from March to
July 2015

- would be responsible towards the taken tasks and the rest of the group,
has good organizational skills and is a good team player;

- would be committed to agreed aims of the project

*What we offer:*

- Working in a dynamic and international environment;

- Experience in managing youth projects – preparation, implementation and

- Getting familiar with Green values and CDN work;

- A chance to improve your skills and enhance them with a lot of experience;

- A possibility to develop your leadership skills and group work;

- A lot of work and a lot of fun!


*Time and location: *

*26th - 27th March* - Budapest, Youth Centre - PT Meeting (25th arrival,
28th departure)

*8th - 13th June* - Budapest, Youth Centre, - Study session (6th June
arrival day for PT, 15th June departure for PT)

*Duration:* 6 working days

*Working language*:  English

*Number of participants:* 40

*Aim and objectives:*

With this project we want to *increase the influence of youth organizations
in shaping national and international migration policies *in Europe. This
can be seen as overall aim of the project and in order to achieve this,
within this Study session we would like to put special focus on:

1. *Support transparent and inclusive discussion on European migration
trends*, especially with regard to young people and question of mobility

In order for young people and youth organizations to participate in
European debates we want to tackle shortly *historical overview on
migrations, examine relevant research and discourses regarding youth
mobility *within Europe, *critically analyze causes and consequences of
migration, *namely so called push and pull factors in different European
regions and countries. After all, to *learn the dynamics of national and
international debates on migration *and *identify entry points *for youth

2. *Raise capacities of young people to address policy-makers in the field
of migration *within Europe

Working on policies requires skills and competences that not so many youth
organization have. Thus we would like to *develop skills of youth
organisations to take part in national and international
decision-making *procedures
regarding migration policies. In this manner we would *identify ongoing
political deliberations that might affect youth mobility and migrations *in
Europe and how these can be influenced. As one important tool we want
to *strengthen
a network of young activists, politicians and journalists *that will
improve the flow of information and facilitate common campaigns.

Kind regards,

Petra Škuljević

CDN Network Coordinator

*Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe*

<http://www.facebook.com/CDNEE> <http://www.facebook.com/CDNEE>

<http://www.facebook.com/CDNEE>www.f <http://www.facebook.com/CDNEE>
acebook.com/CDNEE <http://www.facebook.com/CDNEE>
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