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Dear All, 
we, the members of Orga-Team, are happy to invite you to join our seminar in Berlin this late summer. From now on, our application form is online until the 31st of July. That means you have a week left to apply. All you have to do is to fill in the form and have a few days to spare in mid-September. We are looking forward to having you, discussing the perception of this conflict which is also being discussed intensely right now within the Olive Tree Branch process. 
Applications are welcomed: http://www.gruene-jugend.de/node/27229#gothere <http://www.gruene-jugend.de/node/27229#gothere>
Although hosted by the German Young Greens and taking place in Berlin, we will conduct this seminar in English and/or provide translation for those who need.
Please find the description of our seminar here (or as well on the website):
After the last armed conflicts between Israel and Palestine, multiple demonstrations through all of Europe followed. Ranging from the capitals to provincial towns people occupied the streets to speak up for one or the other side. Both claim to have found human rights violations and violations against the law in the other group's actions and both accuse each other. Often, those claims resulted in a blaming with very little proper reason and many times even in militant action. We encountered some demonstrations to have reached undemocratic tendencies and to have turned into a forum for general criticism. At the upcoming seminar we would therefore like to discuss how the left generally reacts towards Israel and how young people phrase their claims when they are in public demonstrations to insure that they are fair and appropriate.
We want to generally deal with the dispute over the conflict and especially with reactions to the militant/violent demonstrations last year. We aim to not only search for answers in Germany but on international grounds. It is a seminar for people among the young greens who are willing to discuss the conflict on a higher level. Certainly not a history seminar but rather one to arrange a form of adequate dialogue concerning the region.
We are looking forward to your application and to the upcoming seminar!
The Orga-Team
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