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Dear all,

 as you probably know, FYEG released a clear message
<http://fyeg.org/news/70-years-after-holocaust> today what we, as Young
Greens, state about the Holocaust, genocide and current far-right
development in Europe. As a part of our commemoration of the Holocaust
Memorial Day 70 years after, together with a great cooperation with
Ecosprinter <http://www.ecosprinter.eu/>, we are publishing different
articles during the week, so do not forget to follow it up. We have got
various already, but still we can have more with your help.

Maybe it is exactly you who have got an interesting story to share! Do not
hesitate and untill this Thursday c.o.b. send to ecosprinter at gmail.com your

For more info see below previous message or/and click to links above.

Best regards!


*Josef **Šmída*

Member of the Executive Committee

*Federation of Young European Greens*

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Dear Young Greens!

Please, let me introduce you an idea what I have got recently and then
further developed together with our great Ecosprinter Board and what now
can be understood as a call to get from you an interesting input from
different parts of Europe.

We would like to make a collection of different actual texts on the same
topic, what basically has formed whole international human rights framework
- the WWII horror widely known as Holocaust.


*January 27th is the UN's official Day of Holocaust Memorial and this year
will mark 70 years after the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau. In order to
commemorate this event, the Ecosprinter is inviting contributors from
across Europe to tell us- What is the situation like in your country 70
years later? How is the Holocaust remembered? What is the reality like for
the social groups which were victims of this tragedy? What is your own
personal relationship with this history?We are looking for short
submissions from a variety of writers. Something around 600 words is ideal-
but a little more or less is still welcome. Please send us >>
ecosprinter at gmail.com <ecosprinter at gmail.com> all submissions by Sunday,
January 25, noon, by the very latest!Thanks so much and we look forward to
your contributions!The Ecosprinter Board  *


Looking forward to your contributions!

Best regards


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