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*Never Again! 70 years after the Holocaust the Federation of Young European
Greens (FYEG) continues the fight against discrimination, hatred and

 *Today it is exactly 70 years after the Soviet Red Army liberated one of
the most brutally insane places in modern human history - the
Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp where more than 1.1 million people, amongst
them 1 million Jews, died in the name of the Nazi ideology. An ideology,
which developed genocide almost to its perfection.  FYEG calls to combat
all forms of discrimination and exclusion based on any ground at any time
at any level of our common society which must be built and must stand on
mutual trust, respect to each other and is a daily celebration of cultural
diversity everywhere. As it is the only way to eradicate the seeds of next
possible genocide.*

 *Krassina Demireva, FYEG co-spokesperson*: "The European continent is
again, after 70 years, facing political attempts to reduce and restrict
universal human rights which we have developed and strengthen precisely
because of and as well as, the global reaction to never repeat the
experience with the atrocious genocide that the Holocaust objectively was.
It is this experience that makes us cautious about current political
process.  Today we are facing the situation where various neo-nazi, fascist
and other far-right extreme and populist political elements are growing up
and achieving real political power. Moreover, more nightmarish, there is no
country in Europe where there is no such a political digression. The
economic and social crisis across the continent together with the
environmental disaster create a situation, were such developments can
happen. We must stop such a hazardous discourse at its beginnings and

*Michael Bloss, FYEG co-spokesperson*: "We, as Young Greens from all over
Europe, have always been part of the anti-fascist movement and the
authentic youth striving power for equality and non-discrimination. We want
to commemorate wholeheartedly towards this moment and stress that the
phrase *Never again!* must never be forgotten but implemented in reality.
The International Holocaust Remembrance Day (IHRD) must not become just a
historical reminder. We simply cannot on one side honor the memory of the
millions deaths and on the other let the present hatred and violence
against human diversity grow again! We need to ensure permanent defense of
plurality, democracy and peace."

At least not last, because we fight for freedom and equality at different
levels, and because writing is one of the most powerful tools of freedom,
we've prepared a series of articles on the occasion of the IHRD which will
be published from today during the week.

*Morgan Henley, member of the Editorial Board of Ecosprinter*: "Thanks to
editing and reading the submissions from the contributors from all over the
world who wrote their sentiments about their own personal and cultural
experiences with the holocaust, I see how it has affected the world in such
different and complicated ways. While the aftermath and memories are never
over, it's still important to remember that we can learn from our
forefathers' mistakes. We have a responsibility to never let such an
injustice happen under our watch. No matter who you are, where you are, and
what you are."

All articles will be published on http://ecosprinter.eu



*Krassina Demireva: *krassi at fyeg.org

*Michal Bloss: *micha at fyeg.org

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