[fyeg_gen-l] Urgent: Call for Prep-Team for a Conference on Right-Wing Extremeism and Right-Wing Populism.

Michael Bloss michael.j.bloss at gmail.com
Mon Feb 23 20:57:26 CET 2015

++++ Very short Deadline: 28th of March+++

Call for Pre-Team to organise a conference on right-wing extremism and
right-wing populism

Last year we saw a rise of Right-Wing Populists and Right-Wing Extremist in
the European Elections. Anti-democratic, xenophobic, islamophob and
anti-semitic and racist parties and movements gained more traction
everywhere in Europe. However, there seems to be not a lot done to
understand the right-wing as an European-Phenomena. Furthermore, there is
little capacity exchange between the different movements which work against
the right-wing.

We have only got confirmation for the funding last week on Friday. The
conference was planned to happen on the 7th and 8th of April, however the
prep-team would have to evaluate if the implementation within this short
framework is feasible.

The Federation of Young European Greens wants to do exactly this. We want
to conduct a conference that focuses on the rise of the right wing in
Europe. The conference has three objectives:

   1. To analyse the rise of the right-wing in Europe as an European
   phenomena and to build tactics against it at the European level
   2. To engage in capacity and experience-exchange between different
   groups in Europe that deal with or have to deal with the rise of the
   3. To start a debate on how to win against the right-wing and
   marginalise them again.

In order to do so, we are calling for a prep-team that will help organising
this conference.

The prep-team will be expected to work on the following items:

   - Discuss the structure and strategy of the conference and the expected
   - Build the conference upon existing debates on the topic
   - Organise logistically the conference, inviting the speakers and
   moderators of workshops and panels
   - Organise logistically the venue and the sleeping possibilities for the
   - Connect the conference to the Members Organisations of FYEG and to
   movements with a similar interest of countering the far-right
   - Disseminate the results of the conference
   - Evaluate the conference

We are searching for a prep-team of 5 people with the (very short) deadline
of 28th of March. If you are interested, please send a short motivation +
relevant past experiences to micha at fyeg.org putting in cc. josef at fyeg.org .

Michael Bloss


Federation of Young European Greens
michael.bloss at fyeg.org
skype: michael.bloss
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