[fyeg_gen-l] Join the GA of the German Young Greens (10.-12.4. in Bremen)

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Mon Feb 23 10:02:40 CET 2015

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    Dear friends, 

    We happily invite you to be our guest at our next Grüne Jugend
      General Assembly. From 10th to the 12th of April 2015 the next
      General Assembly of GRÜNE JUGEND will take place in Bremen,

    The topic of our General Asembly will be "Time Policy". The
      debate on „Time Policy“ is highly topical and is also held apart
      from the Green Party. „Time Policy“ is not a side issue but it
      plays a big role in many different policy fields: economic,
      gender, labour, or family areas. We would like to discuss about
      the importance and timeliness of „Time Policy“ and how this issue
      could be realized.

    We will also discuss the elections in Bremen (10th of May 2015)
      and about the possible coalitions. Many workshops and discussions
      on these topics will be offered and politicians such as Simone
      Peter and Cem Özdemir will be invited.

    We, the International Coordination Body of the German Green Youth
      facilitate an international workshop, in which we introduce the
      possibilities of getting engaged with FYEG, CDN and GYG.  In this
      workshop, we would be happy to get to know your experiences and
      learn about your organization. You have the chance to get to know
      many young Greens from Germany, discuss with them, have fun and
      learn a lot. Additionally, we invite you to discuss with the
      guests of the General Assembly and us about your perspectives on
      „Time Policy“.

    The BuKo (Bundeskongress) (General Assembly) is a “special
      ecosystem” (as one of our last guest from Spain described it) with
      young species from all over our Green Planet that come together
      not only for discussing serious political topics but also to have
      lots of fun, get to know each other and exchange views and

    The GA will be held (mainly) in German. We will bring you
      together with German Young Greens who can help you during the
      conference and reduce language barriers.

    Interested? Please apply by filling out the form below and
      answering our questions until the 1st of March 2015.


    Here you can find the link in order to apply as a guest:


    Do you have any questions? Then write an email to:  internationales at gruene-jugend.de 

    Your travel costs IN Germany will be reimbursed
      by the German Young Greens. For the costs TO
      Germany please ask your organization first. Though it might be
      possible to find individual solutions if those costs are an
      obstacle to come. 

    Hope to see you soon in Bremen!

    Moritz Heuberger, Bianca Creutz, Juliane Goetzke, Kati Bachnik,
      Anton Jaekel, Zuher Jazmati (The International Coordination Body
      of the GRÜNE JUGEND)
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