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*European Youth Conference "Youth in Exile" from 11th to 13th June 2015 in
Duisburg (please forward this mail to your internal mailing list and other
possible interested people)*

*Dear Friends, *

i am inviting you to the European Youth Conference "Youth in Exile" from
11th to 13th June 2015 in Duisburg,

 What is it about?

 Living an independent life, making decisions on one's own - that's what
emancipation is all about. But young people struggle more and more to
achieve this, because they are the ones suffering most from the impacts of
the economic, social, democratic and ecological Crisis in Europe. Current
policies, focusing on reducing public spendings cause cuts in education,
jobs and social support measures. This is already having a direct negative
effect on young people. Facing the fact that political measures concerning
young people are too often made without them or the organizations
representing them, it is not surprising that young people feel pushed out
of the society into exile. Young people aren't listened to, their voices
aren't heard or are silenced when their projects are being cut. A growing
number of young people faces decreasing salaries or payments, many are
forced to take a job in any place far from home, or to get back there
moving in again with their parents.

 Young people are being forced into Exile - Exile from participation, Exile
from labor, Exile from home. What can they expect from their future?

 To discuss this question, Terry Reintke MEP and the Greens in the European
Parliament invite you to the European Youth Conference "Youth in Exile" in
Duisburg. To do this we organized a three-day program, starting with a big
panel discussion on thursday. Following up we will discuss with young
people from all over Europe in different workshops, do street actions and
exchange our views and opinions in several panels. Our goal is not only
that young people from all over Europe discuss the question on how to
overcome their exile but also on how different (or not?) their living
conditions are.

 All Details in one place:

 When: Thursday, 11 June 6 p.m. till Saturday 13 June 3 p.m.

 Place of the Conference: Sportschule Wedau, Friedrich-Alfred-Str. 15,
47055 Duisburg, Germany

Place of Accomodation: Youth Hostel Duisburg, Kruppstr. 9, 47055 Duisburg

 We will take care of your accomodation and catering. The necessary travel
expenses will be refunded for participants from Germany up to 150 EURO, for
participants from oher countries up to 250 EURO. On request, all participants
can get a certificate of their attendance. Please note that for insurance
reasons only those can ttend the conference that are at least 18 years old
at the beginning of the conference. To retain the character of a youth
conference, applications of people older than 30 years will not be
considered. Please note that the workling language of the entire conference
will be english.

 Please note that we can only offer 50 places, so we will have to make a
selection out of the applications. We will only consider applications sent
to us till 05 May 2015. We will give you feedback if you can attend the
conference until 13 May 2015.

*You can register for the conference here*
find our website with all further information and program

We are looking forward to meet you. For any questions and remarks, please
do not hesitate to contact *Felix Lütke (nrw-praktikum at gruene-europa.de
<nrw-praktikum at gruene-europa.de>)*

 Sincerley yours

 Terry & her Team


Terry Reintke

Member of the European Parliament

ASP 05 F 353

European Parliament

Rue Wiertz 60

B-1047 Brussels

phone: +32 228 45760

website: www.terryreintke.eu

twitter: @TerryReintke

facebook: Terry Reintke

Gio Megrelishvili
Project Assistant
Federation of Young European Greens

31 Rue Wiertz
B-1050 Brussels
Office Tel: +32 2 6260 727
Fax: +32 26 26 07 29
Web: www.fyeg.org

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entirely necessary
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